Almost all of the scholars that have taken interest in the Shasu are western scholars. [Online] Available at: Group Gale. Furthermore, Assyrian texts state that child sacrifices were made to Adad, the Assyrian equivalent of the Canaanite Hadad. All that changed around the middle of the 19th century with the ‘revelation’ that ancient Egyptians kept excellent record of their national affairs, including the groups of people that travelled through and into ancient Egypt. In a separate meeting when Moses had returned to Egypt, contained in Exodus 6:3, Yahweh appeared to Moses and there revealed for the first time to Moses that he was known by Abraham and the patriarchs as El Shaddai but his real name is Yahweh. Sinai remember Moses appeal to Pharoah? The identification of Yahweh with the Shasu nomads presents a major problem for the biblical narrative as it relates to the first contact of Yahweh with Moses and the relationship with Moses. All the Baal prophets called for lightning bolts as a sign from heaven, but nothing happened at all. It was only in the last 50 years did we begin to understand the true origin of Yahweh. His sister – and another of his mistresses – was Anath, the goddess of love and war. The only one that they failed to identify with a land location is land of  Shasu of Yhw (Yahweh). The project was ultimately cancelled in lieu of a replica of Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph, which stood in Trafalgar Square that week, as that arch has a less direct connection to the ancient pagan rituals. It was in subsequent centuries, when there was a shift in biblical theology, moving from polytheism to monolatry and finally to monotheism, that there was the need by the Bible redactors to create the impression that the gods that Jacob buried were foreign gods. By enunciating and applying the ‘Doctrine of Discovery,’  Pope Alexander VI, authorized Spain and Portugal to set out, ‘discover’ and assume ownership of any non-Christian peoples they ‘discover’.[1]. To effectively do so, the African spiritual system had to be discredited, dismantled and replaced with one more compatible with colonization. El and Yahweh were in reality pagan gods that originated from different cultures. Ancient Anomalous Human Skeletons: Humanity Could be Much Older Than We Think, The Mysterious Kennewick Man still hangs in Limbo, A Patriarchal Portrait of a Witch: Warning of Witchcraft in the Female Wiles. Do people…, El,  Canaanite Supreme Deity is the god of Abraham. Are they really the same? EL and Baal were the traditional Canaanite father and son gods and were widely worshipped in Canaan dating back … As a result, it has become difficult to know which of the God that the Bible passage is referring to and which biblical characters are dealing with what God. Expressed opinion on the nature and historicity of EL/ Yahweh and by extension Jesus, contrary to the teachings of the Bible were considered heresy, blasphemy and severely punished. Considered a beautiful young girl, she was often designated “the Virgin” in ancient texts. Baal was a God of Thunder, originally from western Semitic. ‘ Yahweh in Egyptian Topographic List ‘ In Festschrift Elmar Edel in Agypten und Altes Testament. However, after wandering in the desert for all that time, they weren’t quite sure that their god was the right choice since the Canaanites were living it up on the fertile soil. EL and Baal were the traditional Canaanite father and son gods and were widely worshipped in Canaan dating back possibly to around 2000 BCE. It appears that the possible African origin of Shasu of land of Yahweh (Yhw) is once again being misrepresented and ignored, with the result that centuries of misinformation would have been passed to future generations before the truth comes out and it would then take centuries to correct the misinformation. The resistance by many African leaders of the time was repelled by force. Others use it to affirm the protection they enjoy, while some use it to invoke retribution against enemies real or imagined. Hadad, God of Weather, Hurricanes, Storms, Thunder, and Rain - Assyrian soldiers carrying a statue of Adad. The 6 groups were the Shasu of S’rr, the Shasu of Rbn, the Shasu of M’t the Shasu of Wrbr, the Shasu of Yhw, (Yahweh) and the Shasu of Pysps. The king of Egypt in the Bible story did not know who Yahweh was when Moses told him that Yahweh sent him in Exodus 5:1-2. Evidence that Moloch can be identified with him comes from the fact that the pagan alters in the valley of Ben-Hinnom where children were sacrificed are also described as altars to Ba’al by the prophet Jeremiah. 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The Canaanites believed that fertility came in cycles of seven years. Yahweh was not the god of Abraham because Yahweh never introduced himself to Abraham, rather we read in Exodus 6:3, where Yahweh is credited with saying that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob knew him as El Shaddai but did not know him as Yahweh, his proper name. Time and Time again Prophets were sent to wrestle the People's attention from those gods to The God of their Father's. Africans believe in the existence of a supreme power, known to the diverse African peoples by different names. The purpose that all The Children of Israel were to converge on Mt. Although it is most likely that this practice was due to the introduction of a foreign deity, it has also been suggested that the Judahites believed that that they were making sacrifices to Yahweh, the national deity of the ancient Judahites and Israelites. Omissions? Anath, also spelled Anat, chief West Semitic goddess of love and war, the sister and helpmate of the god Baal.. The fundamental question that needed to be resolved after this discovery was whether the Shasu of Yhw on the Egyptian temple was same as YHWH- the Israelite Yahweh. According to the biblical narrative, Abraham and his descendants had ‘idols’ objects as depiction of the family god El, a good example being the story of Rachel stealing the family god from her father, Laban when she and the family of Jacob left the home of Laban as told in Genesis 31:34. While in the Western world it is synonymous with fascism, being the centerpiece of the Nazi flag, in ancient times it was used as a positive symbol representing well being and good fortune. Evidence show the first 5 books of the Bible were…, The biblical exodus is theological fiction. Powered by WordPress & FancyThemes. These symbols were not gods and were never meant to be. Baal was a Lucifer was a Cherubim, described as having 4 faces, one was an Ox. (Stella / CC BY-SA 4.0 ), Gigot, Francis. 1911. It gets more complicated when we factor in Exodus 3:6, where El the god of Abraham appeared to Moses while he was in Midian. With the inscription in Soleb temple dated around 1400 BCE, if the Egyptians by 1400 BCE had become aware of Yahweh enough to inscribe him, then those still insisting on a historical Exodus have to find a date before 1400 BCE. Baal simple means ‘Lord’ or ‘Owner’. I really enjoyed reading your article on this subject; all I can say is in my case I've been an Christian since I waa Little, I believe in The Bible and what The Bible says on those subjects about Ba'al, Chemosh, Dagon, an Molech. This debate is important and Africans should join this debate, as the current focus is to identify the Shasu of Yhw with the Arabia/ Transjordan region and completely ignore the Shasu that have historically existed in Africa-Nubia, Ethiopia and across all of North Africa. Another major point of contention in the study of Moloch is whether or not children were sacrificed at all. Baal simple means ‘Lord’ or ‘Owner’. Baal's sister and consort, Anat, resurrected him. Yahweh was not part of the Canaanite pantheon of gods. In the mysterious tablets of Ugarit, discovered by Claude Schaeffer, Baal is the God of rain, thunder, and extraordinary bolts of lightning.

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