If you catch one, there are probably more nearby. When you pull your bluefish up out of the water, he’ll probably still be snapping. Chum the waters with live or cut bait. you’re interested in learning more about how bluefish are farmed, this link (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) will provide everything you want to know. They are such voracious predators that it is not uncommon to catch more than one fish on a lure that has multiple hooks. My advice is to buy the best all-around reel you can afford. We’re just sitting around talking. It’s one of Florida’s most SAVAGE Fish! He gets it to the top of the water where I reach in to grab it and it spooks and immediately sprints off and breaks the line. If fishing from 3 to 200 nautical miles off the coast of Florida, Georgia, South or North Carolina, you can use this mobile application to stay up to date on the fishing rules on the Atlantic Coast. Any type of live bait fish that has a flashy color and actively moves through the water works well. Since I’d been in Florida I hadn’t used anything smaller than a 1/0 hook, so I was thought he was fishing for bait. The blues don’t look strongly like any other fish I can compare them with. There’s a real sense of camaraderie and also competition at Sebastian Inlet. Bookmark this page (Windows CNTRL+D, MAC CMD+D) so you don’t lose it. Chumming is a helpful technique, and a wire leader is a must to prevent fish from biting through the line with its sharp teeth. Of the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA). Daiwa is fantastic as well. NOTE – a full list of rules for fishing for bluefish can be found at the Florida Rules website here. Don’t waste your time or money with inferior hooks. Once the big schools of blues are sighted feeding near one of the piers the local newspapers publish articles telling you what time would be best to go and what to use as bait. The Florida record is 22 lb. Especially when they’re in a feeding frenzy at the top of the water and eating anything that flashes. However, he was retired and he and his wife and son came down to visit us in Florida in their huge Winnebago mobile home. Sure, there are exceptions, but you can’t really go wrong using it as your all-around line. Appearance: Bluefish are long-bodied fish, light in color with a blue or green tint on the dorsal (top) area and lighter toward the belly. The Atlantic bluefish fishery in the U.S. operates from Maine to Florida. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Bluefish have a mouth full of razor sharp teeth that can slice through most conventional fishing line so a leader is always recommended. Unbelievable! If you are going to be using live bait, a very light metal leader is recommended. It’s a MASSIVE 45-inch snook. The last of the blues leave Florida by April of each year, during typical seasons. When bluefish feeding response turns on it wreaks havoc on schools of baitfish. The most popular types of reals are spinning reels as bait casting. and 60″ long on the Atlantic side of the state. Habitat: Bluefish are found near beaches with strong tides, wave action, or water smashing against rocks. Weight: Average weight is a pound to three pounds, but they can get over 20 lbs. (Check your local regulations before harvesting). When throwing a lure, make sure the retrieve is rapid and erratic. Many retirees from up north head to Florida to fish out their retirement years. You just NEVER know when you’re going to get a lunker that is far beyond the capacity of your line, reel, or rod. The meat is oily and fatty and goes bad quickly. Rome, Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, Vol. They are rated as one of the best tasting fish in the sea and one of the best fighters pound-for-pound. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. The dock under the, Areas with current that attract bait will also attract bluefish, Inshore Creeks and Flats (though less common). The recreational fishery accounts for the majority of the bluefish total catch each year. The rod looks like it’s a super-light action sabiki rig pole. The name Bluefish comes from the blue hue found on the top of their bodies. Fishing Tips and Facts: Bluefish may be caught from boat or surf fishing. There are restrictive limits on how much bluefish you consume – and pregnant women are advised to skip it. Florida Record Bluefish: Liz Yates on March 19, 1973, caught a monster bluefish close to Jensen Beach (Port St. Lucie) Florida weighing 22 lbs. Florida; 22 lb 2 oz, caught near Jensen Beach Fighting Qualities: Jump easily and frequently, long hard runs are also made often. (A cohort is defined as a group of fish spawned during a given period, usually within a year; also known as a year-class or age-class.) t. Long bodied fish that can easily reach 5 feet in length. Bluefish are one of the easier fish to catch on lures inshore. Twenty-pound test braided line is great for bluefish and just about anything else under 20 lbs. 22 lbs. Young, small fish are called Snappers. Baked Bluefish with Potatoes, Genoese Style (for 6) “The World’s Best Bluefish Recipe” 2 bluefish fillets (skin on, about 1 lb. It is your responsibility to check the latest laws on the Official Florida Game and Fish Commission here before you fish. The mullet that where everywhere just a few weeks ago, seem to have disappeared, but there was still action all around. There are healthy populations of bluefish up and down the east coast. Inshore bluefish are most commonly found along the surf zone. When they’re not in feeding mode, we don’t target them, so I can’t recommend a rig that might work to find them. Bluefish are farmed for food across the globe and in the USA. Bluefish reproduce in the spring and summer each year and live on average for 9 years. Florida bluefish limits are split by Florida State waters and Federal waters. I could barely speak. The massive bluefish world record weighed 31 lb. A 2019 federal stock assessment found that this Atlantic population of bluefish is … I love Penn baitcasting reels for bluefish, and just about any other fish, I catch in the state. Locate a school of bait fish and work the edges. If fishing from the surf, a much longer rod may be needed to get the distance needed to reach the fish. each) 1½ pounds boiling potatoes 2/3 cup olive oil 1 tablespoon chopped garlic ¼ cup chopped parsley Salt and pepper. in Florida on the east coast. They are found throughout tropical / subtropical waters and along most of the Continental Shelf. When bluefish are actively feeding the only technique that matters is to get the bait or lure near them and there is a good chance you will hook into one. Length: None: Daily Bag Limit: 10 per harvester per day: Bluefish are NOT picky eaters and will devour amost anyting thrown at them including but not limited to dead bait, live bait, spoons, lures, fingers and loose clothing. Discrete groups spawn at different times and are referred to by the season in which they spawn: the spring-spawned cohort and the summer-spawned cohort. 2 oz. Range/Distribution: Distribution of pelagic bluefish in the United States runs all the way from Maine down to southern Florida.

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