Getting over girl's body count. Women’s Sexual Body Count Doesn’t Undermine Our Worth.

You’re part of the hangman’s body count By the way ladies, there’s an unwritten rule somewhere that says if a man asks how many partners you’ve had before him, the answer is always three. [Guitar solo-Outro].

So, if you feel that you have to give him a number, tell him that your body count is 3.

[Guitar Solo] What you should do, actually, is to discourage all discussion about that kind of thing. I honestly would have been surprised if she said over 10 and then I … Fuck that. Let me just say that I have never gotten this bad of a response from women. No matter how much of a pounding a vagina takes from multiple penises, it will not diminish her elasticity. We’re nearing the end of the second decade of the new millennium, and we are still forced to have conversations about a women’s prerogative to be sexually open and adventurous sans degradation.

Put on the rope Here’s what’s in it: First of all, what does body count mean? Patriarchal society has so thorough warped and demonized women’s sexuality that we now have so much work to do in unspooling centuries of intricate brainwashing and sexual propaganda. It’s one argument these types of men have about body count that we’re used up and worn out. In hindsight, I was looking for that feeling, more than a connection with my partner (insert daddy issues here). Hold open, honest conversations about sex and everything that comes along with it.

I have no idea how many men I’ve had sex with, but I do know the number is probably a three figured one, and it doesn’t fucking matter. I am not about to start a slut shaming campaign on a woman who has had more than 2 or 3 partners because it's unfair to shame her and call her names, yet supposed to adhere to the whole "boys will be boys" bs. The comment section of this erroneous mess of a post was full of women setting him straight, myself included. Moral of the story: Don't live your life according to anyone's rules but your own. You smell the rain and as you walk the final dirt Stop likening our bodies to banal things that are designed to depreciate due to prolonged use. These boys grow up to be teenagers, where the alphas among them engage in disgusting locker room talk, plot to ruin the reputation of teenage girls after a clumsy night of awful sex and learn propaganda like no means yes. The blind Hangman with a raven on his shoulders as his eyes is out there, walking through the valley, judging who is good and who is bad. Judgment will prevail the hangman is here We are the womb-man. During my early years, my brother and I were raised by my  grandmother. Echoes of him have been heard

Now that I think about it, it wasn't really hard, since no one was checking for me in high school anyways...le sigh. Yet, in searching for the typical things women look for when seeking a mate, a few more Penis' were added to my dic-rectory. [Pre-Chorus] President’s Corner for June 2017. Sex involving Penetrations, 40+... My target is to have a 3some before I get married. Not to say that I was engaged in any of those activities but, whether you like it or not, they were instrumental in showing that they are much more than their past professions or a sexual experiences. We are the embodiment of the divine feminine sensuality in everything we do. Some men are just insecure and the number of people that a woman has slept with is really really important to them. Why do some men care about a woman’s body count? Do not disrespect and oppress us with your fragile bullshit. That’s just a little caveat there but once that has been done, the only important thing is that both of you are faithful to each other. Dr. Freda M. Bush “I’m thinking about having sex,” says the young man or woman. If you feel forced and that you do have to tell him a figure, I read somewhere that ‘3’ is the acceptable number for a woman to say she has slept with. The power of sensual women has threatened the male ego for centuries. It makes the guy feel like you’re not lying by claiming that you’re a virgin but at the same time, it lets him feel like you have some experience in the bedroom and you won’t be boring. In the past, when men I’ve dated asked me how many guys I’ve been with, my quickfire response was none of your fucking business.
I … It is also the birthplace of rape culture, and the idea of women being the property of their fathers then transferred to their husbands. Do you keep record of your body count? / Guys Can U Marry A Gurl Dat Drink Alot / African Insurance, Magun Or Thunderbolt", Links: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10). About “The Hangman’s Body Count” This song is the second single released from the album “Outlaw Gentleman & Shady Ladies.” It is also the 7th track on the album. Today, I’m going to be talking about a slightly controversial topic. I don't have kids, so I may change my mind, however, all I can do is maintain a clear line of communication. There is nothing wrong with a "one night stand" as long as it's what you want.

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