I already mentioned that other digital satellite receivers can work. Regards • On the left is a list of the frequencies. i have tried putting zero @ the end but nothing. Note however that All strong SRT4669x and other selected genuine decoders are patched. ? 4. 2. Lawson for lci on Nss7 use frq10986 Sr30000 pol v you can tract it opposite Dstv and standing almost like mytv you will be able to get it. LNB Mode:Dual Frequency. I have subscribed and have free access to the pay channels. I have about 31 channels now. My Technosat: I have entered DSTV W4/7 settings, connected it to a disk pointing to DSTV w4/7 and it works. I see that you wrote “I did manual scan on my decoder on BADR 4/6 26.0E” Can anyone help me update a DSD988 DSTV decoder? Just try & go 2ru d blog. As big Niyi has said Startimes decoder operates based on the DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast-Terrestrial) standard which requires no dish. Why the are still active at lyngsat.com. 3. it bring that of infinity, thank i have see ur effort in making people smile, 7 DSD Upgrade • Note how the receiver is updating the channel listing for TV and radio. 1. What type of decoder/receiver are you using? Well, the patch is not from me and he is on his own. The decoder’s display displays a “H”. That will eliminate a faulty decoder and or installation. As soon as I am finished with my video, I will set my dish at 36deg and start to collect information for this house. I will discuss it with the author and make it available. There is no cancel or undo option. 12437 H DVB-S/MPEG-2 23438 RDV eutelsat w4 @ 36E, 3. I have used the above settings but still not going. Power Cinima software its frustrating.is there anyone who can help with the upgrade. Thanks for your comment. • Select Antenna settings Emmanuel TV, DCLM, Chosen, Omega, CVV, Faith TV, DBN, On your brouser top left click on the EDIT option Check for trees in front of the dish. I am not sure about the “FTA option” To get etv a TV station in your country will have to partner etv SA to show some of their programmes locally together with your own country’s content . You don’t need a patch for the purpose you seek. @ockert, thanx for the enlightened.I understand ur point. But my request is dat can you help me install the emmanuel tv channel on my decoder. (any of the instructions given above by others do not correspond with the options that are available on the Muti tv box) 3.Find and select PUBLIC PAS 7/10 and press OK pls im in Ghana.and im using strong mpeg 4.also i have a dstv card.how and what should i do to benefit from it. You can do a blind scan and get DSTV channels and all FTA on that band. 11. Dear frend i was watching it at c band 68.5 E intelsat7/10 19.559V Talk to your nearest DStv installer for further assistance. Hi. (It is 28 out of about 244 channels.) 4 More Networks Why? DSTV Audio German Bouquet If you still have problems, make friends with FTA people in your town. I explian how to set it up. How can I receive East African free /paid channels eg: Tanzania, Zanzibar,Kenya. Read his question and my answer on the 21 Feb. F24 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5) ACBN 12722 H 26652 (26657)  2/3 (1/2) Anybody got an alternative of accessing KBC, NTV-U on 11785 H 27500 on EUTELW4_ku which have stopped showing on DSTV, CITIZEN on 11881 v 27500, UBC on 11985 V27500. I belief thet the menu options are the same as the DSD1131. How to connect a DiSEqC switch. Enter the following exactly as is in your search engine and see how questions are asked. You can do a blind scan and get DSTV channels and all FTA on that band. thank for all. South Africa – Durban. 12722 h 26652/7 2/3 Press Tv Choose one that’s MPEG4-compatible. am using a dstv 1110 and 1131 how can i get the new w3 or w4 free to air channels including some sports channels…..pls the frequency and location of saterlitte Men keep it up it really good. I can power it down and up again or reboot it and it keeps the settings. Send your response with help instruction to my email box! How can i enhanced better performance of strong 4669z am in lagos, can somebody help on hw to put on free chanels. plz reply me through my email. Pls ‘Niyi,I am an installer,& would luv to be one of the best installers in Nigeria & beyond. I will not assist anyone frying their decoders. You can get over 135 TV and Audio channels on DStv Compact at a cost of only and N7,900 per month.. Get your entertainment kicks with DStv Compact from only N7,900 per month. Enjoy it while it lasts. Now am with u couse i andastand it a they. UBN 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5) hey guys i am facing a problem with upgrading my decoder, before i can get to the frequency part it needs me to put in a pin, please assist me guys….. I replied with “Please tell me. pls,kindly send more frequencies and their symbol rates to my e-mail box If not, rephrase and ask again. Comment acceder au code BISS du démoduleur ou receveur supermax 2010. NOTE:Some of the above might be greed out,and then change the highlighted ones. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENT BETWEEN IS7 AND PAS7? Its a solely music channel targeted at FRANCOPHONE Afro musicians. Transponder: 11637/h/22000 http://www.lamit.ro/satellite-coverage-maps.htm, http://www.watinternational.com/page/page/1221831.htm, A lot of images Make a list of all your frequencies before you try it. One again thanks so much you are just wonderful. (IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East. Yes they show EPL: one match a weekend. What are we going to do to appease these customers. I realised that to view those FTAs one needs to possess a motorised dish to enjoy.

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