| Report Response, "Tell me about yourself? | Report Response, "None were interesting. | Report Response, "where are you from?" More from this Member | Report Response, "What hobbies do you hope to continue to pursue during medical school " More from this Member

More from this Member

| Report Response, "switch to an electronic secondary, or at least a PDF you can save and work on later" | Report Response, "Tell me about where you grew up."

If you experience an access barrier, please let us know via the Accessibility Feedback Form. More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member Why have you chosen medicine as a career?" | Report Response, "How do you maintain personal wellness?" | Report Response, "What brought you to decide on medicine?" Our commitment to a positive student residential experience and recognition of the pandemic’s effect on the residential experience, including local limitations on gatherings and other necessary public health measures. | Report Response, "Like I said, no real questions- just the basics tell me about yourself, why did you choose your major, strengths and weaknesses etc. " | Report Response, "What would you do if a colleague was obese and smoked a lot?" | Report Response, "What does GW and DC have to offer for your medical education?" | Report Response, "What do you think is the biggest problem in medicine? | Report Response, "Describe your research." | Report Response, "What other things do you do for fun? " | Report Response, "Why do you want to be a doctor?" Why medicine? More from this Member | Report Response, "What do you think the hardest part of medical school will be for you?" What are you view points on bioterrorism and the role of physicians?" More from this Member More from this Member | Report Response, "Why Medicine and GW?" (by the student interviewer)" | Report Response, "Is Albert Einstien in heaven or hell?" More from this Member My first one and definitely impressed!

More from this Member Translated: what are your character flaws, or as I like to think of it, my character strengths presented as flaws when they are actually strengths ;)" | Report Response, "Encourage medical students to do student-hosting for interviewees which could help them learn more a"

More from this Member | Report Response, "Nothing was really interesting or out tof the ordinary. More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member What do you see as your biggest challenge as a physician?" More from this Member | Report Response, "Nothing too interesting. | Report Response, "What kind of obstacles do you think you'll have to face while in med school? More from this Member Describe your biggest failure? "

More from this Member | Report Response, "what questions do you have for me?" | Report Response, "What medical tv drama do you watch, why?" Second interview with a Doctor also laid back. Through a biopsychosocial exploration of the patient, the curriculum constantly emphasizes that illness occurs in people who live in families, who are parts of groups, and who experience the world through cultural and traditional lenses. | Report Response, "none, all standard questions"

| Report Response, "what is the role of the doctor in the community" | Report Response, "Nothing too uncommon. More from this Member | Report Response, "What career would you choose if not medicine? | Report Response, "Tell me about yourself" | Report Response, "If I gave you a million dollars, what would you do with it?" | Report Response, "More communication about the interview" | Report Response, "There were no interesting questions, only general questions" | Report Response, "Discuss a health policy issue pertaining to one of the areas you've lived in.

More from this Member It's hard for us to get breakfast in the morning when we have to travel and get to the school on time." Why DC? | Report Response, "current events question" One interview is conducted with a student and one with a faculty member. " | Report Response, "none particularly" | Report Response, "nothing really, just the basic stuff." More from this Member Her questions were very general and straight forward with no surprises. | Report Response, "where do you see yourself in 20 years?" More from this Member | Report Response, "The interviews were get to know you questions, Why medicine, why GWU etc" More from this Member | Report Response, "What do you like about GW?" More from this Member

More from this Member In compliance with privacy laws, the university does not disclose individual identifying information. Hobbies? More from this Member

| Report Response, "why medicine? | Report Response, "How would you fix the health care system?"

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