Based on the real-life experiences of deejay Adrian Cronauer, the film is actually more concept than story: put Williams in front of a microphone and let him go nuts.

I got people stuck in places they haven't even considered how to get out of yet. PFC Garlick: We got one positive call from some guy in Wichita, who thought that Hauk's comedy was "visionary and interesting."

Cronauer heads for the door, but halts suddenly and turns and leans back into the office.].

They're out there, and we're having a major difficulty in finding the enemy.

Uh, e.g. That's all I have for you, Airman. He did a very off-color parody of former VP Nixon.

Basically, it's hotter than a snake's ass in a wagon rut. No effect on me. Dickerson: This is not military issue, airman. They play Mantovani to insomniacs|who don't respond to strong drugs. - I can't do that, sir.|- Oh, Edward, Edward,|you don't understand. And I'm stupid enough to save your bullshit life at An Lac. Adrian Cronauer: Mantovani? Dan 'The Man' Levitan: Well, we originally wanted Bob Hope, but it turns out he won't come. Nixon: That they're soft, and that they're shallow and they have no purpose. Adrian: What's the demilitarized zone? Mitch Markowitz is an American screenwriter best known for writing the film Good Morning, Vietnam.


[Sergeant Major Dickerson glares at Cronauer and leaves]. Web.

Follow the Ho Chi Minn trail!".

The man does not refer to Pat Boone as a beautiful genius if things are alright.

With the holiday season|rapidly approaching... those personnel wishing|to spend Christmas cards home--, wishing to send Christmas|cards home to the States--. Adrian Cronauer: Oooh my God! Sergeant Major Dickerson: Sir!

Dick, I'm transferring you. This is rock and roll! Guess again. Adrian Cronauer : You know, you're very beautiful.

Thank you.

'Cause of the leaks to the V.C. Private Abersold: You know, he's funny, he's like a Marx Brother. I recognize that. Wash with it, go straight to heaven.

I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to

I run this show, General. And now that I do, you won't even turn the car around? Garlick promptly disappears.] Williams got a much-deserved Oscar nomination for his work. "Good Morning, Vietnam Quotes."

I dunno what to say, we're gonna maybe drop in a little napalm there, try to cook him down, have a little barbecue. Dreiwitz: Sir, these letters are unequivocal! Am I being fairly clear?

Adrian Cronauer: Excuse me, sir. Follow the Ho Chi Minh trail! You better stay cool. Brigadier General Taylor: I think the troops are trying to tell us something, fellas. Maybe play a couple of Tennessee Ernie Ford records, that'd be a hoot. An incredible thing, yes, it's the new Pope On A Rope.

Please don't do this to me. Adrian: We've got our traffic report up there on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. You're on a DC-8 out of Tan Sun Nhut Airport tomorrow morning- I recommend you pack quietly.

Adrain as Witch: Oh! Adrian Cronauer: Cretan camouflage. are asked to do so|no later than August 13... - All right.|- Hey, Sarge, where are the women?

You know, this whole camouflage thing, for me, doesn't work very well.

People might find out there's a war going on? Cronauer looks at Sergeant Major Dickerson, at a loss for words.]. What is a protective dike? Tuan: Big fucking deal! The bill basically said that his daughters could not drive in a Convertible on public highways.

Adrian: Well, what do you use to look for them?

I guess I get inside, hit these air conditioners, I get a little dizzy. Brigadier General Taylor: I think I see a pattern forming here. His television credits include M*A*S*H, Van Dyke and Company, Best of the West, Report To Murphy, What's Happening?, Buffalo Bill, Monk, and Too Close For Comfort, among others.

I can come up with alternatives other than Crete and I'm real good at stuff like that. No, we can't say "dyke" on the air, we can't even say "lesbian" anymore, it's "women in comfortable shoes.". Hauk: You don't have time.

Speed up, check her stamina. Thanks a lot. Adrian: What are you afraid of Dickerson?

Finally, the Good Morning Vietnam script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Robin Williams movie. Dreiwitz: Sir, these letters are unequivocal! Adrian Cronauer: You can always send me back to Crete. Lt. Steven Hauk: Furthermore, you are to stick to playing normal modes of music, not weird stuff. Adrian: Just gonna get a little something to eat.
Cub Scouts don't have heavy artillery!

Nixon: By plane. Those men who lost equipment|in last week's rains... are asked to contact|Lieutenant Sam Scheer.

Nixon: Therefore, there is no place for neutrality or a neutralist sentiment in South Vietnam. I'll get you my pretty! General Taylor: Lieutenant, you don't know whether you've been shot, f***ed, powder-burned or snake-bit. - God, it's warm, huh?|- Warm? Censor #1: Airman, you know the rules. I was there. Can you envision some fairly unattractive alternatives? Lt. Steven Hauk: The Vietnam conflict.

Adrian as Camp Fashion Consultant: Because you go in the jungle, I can't see you. It's not a very pretty picture, there's horns everywhere.

Adrian Cronauer: Aw, Edward, you don't understand. Mayday! [Turns to Adrian] Cronauer, I'm sorry as hell about this thing.

SHE-HOO! My neighbor, dead. And now they tell me that my best friend is the goddamn enemy!

Adrian Cronauer: Cretan camouflage sir.

Adrian: How would you describe your sex life with your wife Pat?

Adrian as Glinda: Oh no don't go in there!

Please notify me if you encounter a stale link.

I have no idea what that means, sir, but it seems very negative to me. BG Taylor: Real pleasure. 19 Oct. 2020. Asia does involve, I think, very appropriately as you have suggested, give and take.

Adrian: You used me to kill two people!

Actually, what I am, sir, is|your Armed Forces Radio Saigon|assistant who's in charge... of orientation and billeting of|enlisted personnel, and company clerk.

If you want to blend into a crowd of drunken Greeks there's nothing better.

Stop the car. Adrian: Oh my God! Come on, come on, come on! Oh no! BG Taylor: "More dire need of a blowjob than any other white man in history". Now that's pretty much to the point, sir, not much gray area in this one. Adrian Cronauer: Here's a little advice: Never eat in a Vietnamese restaurant next to a pound. Lt. Steven Hauk: How about if what escalated? Time to rock it from the Delta to the D.M.Z.!

Adrian Cronauer : Good morning, Vietnam!

And now that I do, you won't even|turn the car around? From now on the fighting men of Vietnam will hear exactly what they're supposed to hear. Adrian: Listen, I gave you my friendship, and my trust. Also the Pope decided today to release Vatican-related bath products. Do you have any idea how ridiculous it makes me look to have a man under my command start a fucking bar brawl?

I had a guy like you in the field one time- he blew himself to pieces, but not before his humor cost the lives of three very fine individuals.

We're only little Vietnamese.

Eat a bag of shit. Adrian: Oh it's an order.

I recognize that.

I'm sorry. You could|put an eye out with that.

Now you get the hell out of here right now! Follow the Ho Chi Minh trail!

This will not look good on a résumé!

Wasn't he the one with the hat?

Check her stamina. If this is a legitimate news story, it must go through proper channels. Sgt.


His wife, dead.

I just want to report the truth.

That's a direct quote, sir. Staff Sgt.

You stay out of my way there'll be no problem. You'll stay here and drink instant beverages or something.

If anything|screws up, it's my ass in the mower. General likes easy listening.

You will address me as Sergeant Major Dickerson!

"Good Morning, Vietnam" Now there are protestors who believe more in themselves than in following orders. You're also very quiet.

This is a setting|for London broil. Adrian: Well I-- I really didn't make that suggestion, sir, I'm sorry.

And I'm not used to girls being that quiet unless they're medicated. As far as I'm concerned, it didn't happen.

Adrian Cronauer: The Mississippi River broke through a protective dike today. I've had no actual-- WOAH!

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