Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. SuperEpicFailpedia Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Researchers have noted his resemblance to Ali G, Brüno Gehard, and Borat Sagdiyev, among others. However, Aladeen's regime began to start shaking in early 2011 due to pressure from the United States and other foreign powers to stop their nuclear weapons program, resulting in sanctions on Wadiya. On international pressure, he then changed it again to President-Prime Minister in 2012. Jest dyktatorem fikcyjnego północnoafrykańskiego kraju Wadiya (znanego również jako Republika Wadiya), który nie chce pozwolić na demokrację. Aladeen worked to increase Wadiya's power internationally including expanding the Wadiyan military, developing health and space programs which killed more people that any disease, and even beginning a nuclear weapons program. Aladeen is currently married to Zoey Farris, renamed Aladeen, since 2012. For years, the fictional North African nation of the Republic of Wadiya has been ruled by Admiral-General Haffaz Aladeen, a childish, tyrannical, sexist, anti-Western, and antisemitic dictator who surrounds himself with female bodyguards, sponsors terrorism (especially giving shelter to al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden after "they killed his double one year ago"), changes many words in the Wadiyan dictionary to "Aladeen", and is working on developing nuclear weapons to attack Israel. In 2001, Aladeen gave an official proclamation naming himself "President for Life" after another sham election in which he won 100% of the popular vote. Comedic Tyrant Admiral General Aladeen is the titular protagonist villain of the 2012 comedy film, The Dictator. He is know for having a very crude and childish personality and usually makes a scene at the international events he is invited to. This page was last modified on 16 February 2015, at 20:31. His son Haffaz Aladeen took power afterwards. Haffaz Aladeen was born on May 6, 1982 in the Palace of Aladeen in Al-Wadiya. He became an ally of Bowser and Jean-Luc Picard, the latter of which he investigated the elevator puzzle with. http://nswiki.org/index.php?title=Haffaz_Aladeen&oldid=718953.

He did not receive any masters or bachelors but instead got 118 different PhDs. Thus, Aladeen finally agreed to address the UN General Assembly, only to arrive and barely survive an assassination attempt. Aladeen however has fathered so many illegitimate children that as their national anthem says, many Wadiyans could actually be his children.

Haffaz Aladeen was born on May 6, 1982 in the Palace of Aladeen in Al-Wadiya. Aladeen, according to an official biography, attended a premier school in Bern, Switzerland where he supposedly excelled in all of his subjects and was very skilled. He also refuses to sell Wadiya's oil fields, … However, Aladeen fell in love with American girl and ended up calling for new elections in which he won 100% of the vote as President-Prime Minister in 2012. Aladeen attended a total of three colleges, the University of Aladeen, Aladeen University, and Northwest Aladeen State. He is the dictatorial President Prime Minister of the fictional North African country of Wadiya (also known as the Republic of Wadiya) and he will keep his power over his home country and never allow a …
Aladeen quickly realized that he had turned down the wrong path, and when Pisgah lost immunity on Day 8, he accepted his fate and was voted out unanimously, but not before wasting the Nullifier on his way out by playing it on Picard. In 1995, Haffaz Aladeen's father, Omar, was murdered by his chief adviser in a "so-called" hunting accident where he was hit by 97 stray bullets and a hand grenade.
Admiral General Haffaz Aladeen was the Human dictator of the Republic of Wadiya from an Undefined Multiverse. Haffaz Aladeen was the last of Omar's seven official children (he may have had more but they remain undocumented). As a head of state, Aladeen found his footing with other leaders in the Pisgah tribe during the first days of the game, despite his strange yet comedic behavior. Haffaz Ajamhinadad Osama Hussein Aladeen (born May 6, 1982) is the second Supreme Leader of the Republic of Wadiya and third individual to be head of the nation, currently holding the title of President-Prime Minister. He was killed in a hunting accident after being hit by 107 stray bullets and two stray hunting grenades. Researchers have noted his resemblance to Ali G, Brüno Gehard, and Borat Sagdiyev, among others. Admiral General Haffaz Aladeen was the Human dictator of the Republic of Wadiya from an Undefined Multiverse.

W jego rolę wcielił się Sasha Baron Cohen.

He conducted numerous research projects including pioneering for the Wadiyan Space Program and his program made the Guinness world record for killing the most astronauts. His next brother got his eye jabbed out by one of Aladeen's toy action figures and bled to death unattended and his third brother was killed when his car ran him over. Admiral General Haffaz Aladeen is a contestant from Survivor: Appalachia.

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