So that's how the sort of offscreen, more emotional aspects of death come on to the show, rather than an explicit depiction of death. Or just pointing it out? The bowling. “Sexuality is powerful… powerful enough to make you ignore reality,” says Henry Cloud, Ph.D, relationship psychologist and bestselling author of The Power of the Other. Definitely one of the strangest episodes. When Rocky hears a sneeze through his apartment wall, he falls down a shame spiral, reliving embarrassing moments. At the very least the Guy was using Erin, even just for a night, as a kind of proxy for Lee who, although she’s just upstate, he is in kind of a long-distance relationship with. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the highmaintenance community. Do you think it's a bad thing they took a shot at it twice? This is exactly what I came to this thread for. The Guy finds a lost canine. Writing is one of my freelance jobs. Fuck yeah I jumped like Eraserhead hitting the pavement. glad to finally see them shout out their love for lebowski, That was like the Big Lebowski tripping scene on...ketamine. I laughed so hard when AJ turned into Chucky and Cheyenne into Trinity! Or maybe it does because she lives close by? Reading this made me realise how much troupes this show actually has. Personally not one of my favorite episodes but next weeks episode looks very promising. Anybody else here have any ideas? I've been following the show ever since the webseries and I thought I'd do something fun and write a little 10-minuter. I am curious as to whether maybe he and Lee consider themselves in an open, or undefined, relationship, but his awkwardness around labeling Lee as anything other than a “person” signals some kind of discomfort with where he, and they, are at. Your source for everything related to the ~~web series~~ TV series **High Maintenance**! The online messaging aspect of it is great, I just think the way the show would introduce that bit into the story would be more of a traditional older lady on facebook, maybe playing poker or words with friends or jackbox or something with a stronger online community rather than a single-player PC game, and then that would enable the scene where he has to consider replying to her online friends which does seem like something that would make it into the show. just because of a pretty face, your relationship is destined to … This gets Adriana to fire back at her and it’s chaotic. Let’s also not forget to add the end credit scenes of the guy in the best getups! It's HBO, they can and have done whatever they want but to me it seems a bit much. I think the biggest thing is that it feels a liiittle too exposition-y at some points and certainly a lot darker than the show's gotten, I don't think they've ever shown a dead body and laying in a pool of blood is really explicit. Have a few more shorts to watch, but I can report that I’ve seen 2 features from @VCFilmFestival that I have plenty of thoughts on: @MangoSodium’s THE LONG WALK & Vietnam’s own’s (!!!!!!!) Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Erin is a dancer, but paid babysitter (sorry, nanny—I guess if the family is rich, you get called a nanny) and she spends most of her days amusing the family’s youngest child, Eli, who likes to act like a wolf. What makes a woman high maintenance and difficult? #FilmTwitter, I fully listened to a Christmas album last week..but it's alright because it's Dolly! It's just such a specific, random pocket of the world. For instance, when Erin arrives a little late to work, this girl points out that she’s late and that she is wearing what she wore yesterday. Thanks for the minisode :), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the highmaintenance community. Thank you :), This is very well written! The Guy finds a lost canine. It makes me miss New York a lot and I never even lived there! Thanks! the guy is the dude. Tags Ben Sinclair HBO high maintenance rosie perez Beth Winchester Beth is a pop culture lover currently resident of Maryland, and a past resident of Rochester, Prague and New Orleans. I wonder if "This American life" will do a segment on this experience? A high maintenance woman is a compliment that’s never voiced until you’re with a wrong man. Press J to jump to the feed. Naturally, in that time a woman comes along and calls the cops to report the abandoned child. Holy shit, Eleven TOTALLY IS Breakdown Britney... Never even thought of that until I saw the kid... Was this a personal episode for Ben? The situation involves Adriana, Arturo, and Baby Nico, so let’s start there. Beth is a pop culture lover currently resident of Maryland, and a past resident of Rochester, Prague and New Orleans. Within moments the classic scene on the street has formed, with the cops arriving and passersby stopping to gawk and/or film with their phones. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. He hedges and says oh, well, he has “a person coming this weekend.” It’s pretty clear Erin didn’t know about that, but she does manage a pretty succinct kiss-off that’s appropriate for their level of intimacy. That is a writer for the show, Mitra Jouhari, at the Casper Mattress store, telling the Guy that she is “terrified of sleeping.”. Hopefully this helped, I appreciate a lot of it conceptually and I think you got the Guy's voice down really well, several of those lines were very easy to imagine his voice saying. I was finding it hard to get anything done in quarantine and I just watched Season 4 a while ago. It was a delight to see him behind the mic. You can’t refuse an emotional connection with the child that’s an extension of your wife, even if it’s fake, and you can’t drop and pick up your casual hook-up whenever you feel like it. Wish they played more time with the puppeteer cause I still have a lot of questions about that whole scene. Home > Television Productions > High Maintenance (2016-20??) A new reporter at This American Life, Yara pitches a story about her parents’ marriage and inadvertently strains her own relationship when her boyfriend Owen visits for their anniversary weekend. But they consistently find ways to surprise and delight me with the stories they tell. Hi Reddit. so so awesome. I’m having a difficult time grasping what exactly went down. seriously tho. Looking forward to the rest of the season after this strong start. Same. Ep8: Jonathan - A rising comedian has a traumatic experience at a show, The Guy offers a shoulder to lean on. Arturo finally breaks with the nonsense and pulls Nico out of the stroller, flapping him around by the leg saying “this is just a silicone doll, that’s what you’re all fighting about, it’s nothing!” It works in dispersing the crowd and the drama, but Adriana is left shaken and upset by the whole ordeal. fails to make plans for Halloween—until an emergency text from an ex-friend, Francis, evolves into an unexpected night with Francis' assistant, Cheyenne. Couldn't really hear and the captions didn't show anything, but his responses kind of gave me that idea. The struggle is real finding a bathroom when you are on foot in a city. Arturo later demonstrates just how much he loves Adriana by silently and gently fixing Nico’s boo-boo while humming a little song., Copyright 2020 The Young Folks. One thing I still don't get is the scene towards the end of the episode where the guy gets a phone call where I'm presuming somebody died. But that guy is out there. Also funny how the neighbor said „didn‘t know her“, like he already thought she died but didn‘t give no fucks. I've been following the show ever since the webseries and I thought I'd do something fun and write a little 10-minuter. The little announcement at This American Life talks about the setup - everyone on staff in the episode is a real staffer except Yara, and also has a why to watch this show and which webisodes/episodes to show to a newcomer. 11 If any relationship advice can be gleaned from High Maintenance, it is that there is no normal and whatever works best for you and your partner is the right way to go. You're right, the reference is a bit too obvious right now. He asks if she’ll call him sometime, though, and she says “yeah, for weed.” I don’t know if we’ve seen the Guy act like this before, but I’d say he’s pretty close here. Highlight of the episode. 20 Looking Good Doesn’t Mean A Woman's Difficult. to the teen girl and she has to leave before saying goodbye to Eli or getting back the sunglasses he was wearing. Maybe he looks just like the guy and has a ton of cages full of squawking birds inside his apartment. You also can’t ask someone to mother your kids without expecting the kids to get attached, or even resentful. This family’s matriarch has either recently died or left them and so Erin has to do pretty much what the mom would do while the father works as a film producer.

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