Only you can decide how to balance warfare, colony management, researc... 1997, Replace all your hydroponics with phood factories on all worlds. Try to let them move in a straight line without too much turning. Besides the overhaul and factory addition, add an A.I. Let the enemy tanks approach you. The same company would later make its sequel, Imperium Galactica II, in 1999. center and replace it with the A.I. On the ground, you will very likely experience defeat. Do so! SitemapAdvertisePartnershipsCareersPrivacy PolicyAd ChoiceTerms of UseReport Ad, CA Privacy/Info We CollectCA Do Not Sell My Info. The northern one has less space to approach, so you will want to do this last (when you have less tanks left...). [1] Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, developed by the Hungarian-based Mithis Entertainment, was originally planned and designed as "Imperium Galactica 3" but in development renamed and refocussed to a real-time tactics game. While you are underway, produce a single spy satellite and add it to Garthog 5. The destroyer will try to pass. The player, in the role of Dave Johnson, begins the game with command of a small capital ship - a Guardian-class Destroyer - and three Raptor-class Fighters (later in the game the player would command up to 28 capital ships and 180 fighters in one fleet), and three colonies, named Achilles, Naxos and San Sterling, unable to move beyond the boundaries of the small sector assigned for him to defend and expand. Try to pick off rocket sleds if possible, if you find a single, lonely rocket sled somewhere, send off two tanks to kill it. There are two sensible ways to deal with planetary shields. On this page: 3.6.1 How do I change, re-equip, or create new fleets? Use fighter to kamikaze into capital ships, and fire missiles on the enemy destroyers. This can be done by the diamond-shaped button in the R&D screen. Since you should have somewhere between 2m and 4m credits in the bank, build everything needed for a colony below 20,000 population. Your main goal in this first battle is to kill most or all tanks so that the second attack can be successful. If only one badly damaged gun is left, send your flagships to destroy it. None of the verified owners have rated this game, There’s no reviews matching your criteria. So go ahead, try it and watch three Morgath ships tear apart your entire fleet. Once it is gone, destroy all tanks. A fleet named "Garthog Grp 3" spawns at Garthog 5 (even if you already conquered that planet!) For the Blockade Zeuson mission, being promoted while the mission is going means that Zeuson will blink for eternity, which is quite annoying. Position yourself at the upper end of the left edge. The game tells the backstory for the original Imperium Galactica title. Digital Reality Software, ... Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, 1.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9.0... You begin as a Lieutenant on a Destroyer, charged with restoring peace to a newly discovered sector. It has little to do with the Imperium Galactica franchise, and is actually a completely different type of game as well - what Mithis calls it a "Tactical Fleet Simulator". Do not get paranoid: This mission cannot spawn before the "Blockade Zeuson" mission is over. 3.6.2 Can I automatically re-equip or upgrade equipment on fleets and units on planets? The progression of the character, the additional responsibilities, and the total immersion of the player combined to form a truly enjoyable title that will keep players entertained for a long time. The soundtrack is the work of Tamás Kreiner. Since you now are in control of R&D, let's take a look at that for a moment. Through diplomacy. If you are out of options, begin developing technologies that prepare you for Admiral, which are the field array and the hyperdrive. If you are fast enough, this mission will never happen. After that is done, immediately start producing medium tanks. All of this born from a deeply rooted love for games, utmost care about customers, and a belief that you should own the things you buy. Please contact me before hosting this FAQ on a site other than, I'm usually pretty open to letting people use my material however. Imperium Galactica is a 4X video game, developed by Digital Reality. Seven alien races. and two mil dev. centre somewhere. Imperium Galactica. Make a habit of saving the game before attacking a planet. DRM FREE. has a fixed technology pool, which does not develop any further during the game. You might be short a bomb or two, but your flagships and leftover fighters should be able to destroy one remaining and damaged ion projector. Remember to adjust taxes when switching off attitude buildings. you will instantly lose the game! Next Generation rated the game four stars out of five, and stated that "Imperium Galactica is an excellent choice for strategy-game fans because it goes beyond a simple strategy game. Bomb the ion projector, 4 bombs are enough if it does not shoot one down. Really quite simple. In this way, a player who quickly defeats his initial enemies at early ranks might enter the larger galaxy before the other races have been too badly hurt by the antagonist species, the Dargslan Kingdom. [2] The game was re-released in 2016 on with support for Windows. One might wonder if it is a good idea to attack these worlds as well, and I actually found a walkthrough arguing that taking the Morgath world would be a good idea. Check out now Add to cart Buy as a gift Check out now Add to cart Buy as a gift Install Wishlist it Wishlisted Why buy on GOG.COM? centres and complete it. If they are near a corner, place your tank around the corner to use the cover while shooting the rocket sled. Scale the Imperial ranks and your missions become increasingly challenging. dev. Immediately after your promotion to Commander you can start your attack on the Garthog empire.

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