We knew kids would make our life bigger, so one day I joked, 'Why don’t we just adopt a five-year-old and it will be like we got started five years ago?'". It's a sweet premise, and Instant Family is actually based on a true story — or "inspired by a true family," as the trailer puts it. Hilarious and heartbreaking antics ensue as the couple struggles with becoming parents, meeting the children’s birth mother and forging a family bond. Anders hopes the movie changes perceptions of foster care. A serious one comes during a scene where Pete and Ellie are in bed and momentarily doubt their decision to take on three kids. It all started with an off-hand comment. “It just makes you really excited to see them every chance you get to see them. Instead, they took in three siblings, who they eventually adopted. Instant Family is the true story of foster care and two people who realize they have a lot of love to give. It’s a chan, If you’re obsessed with K-pop group BLACKPINK’s new Netflix documentary, Blackpink: Light Up The Sky, it’s likely not just because of its addictive s, There Are 17 Absolutely Terrifying Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now, 13 Documentaries To Watch Before The 2020 Election, There Are So Many Scary Movies On Hulu Right Now, 16 Truly Terrifying Documentaries & Where To Find Them. Anders and his wife Beth had discussed having children for years. Many people might not see the humor in a foster situation, but to Anders, the comedic elements quickly became apparent. Find all of our books, bibles, greeting cards and special offers in our store. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy. "They start to have a discussion about, how can we get out of this? See for yourself when the movie hits theaters on November 16. "...Even though my wife and I never would have really considered that option, in your desperate moments, you think, 'We made a terrible mistake, what have we done to our lives?' The idea that family starts with two people who love each other has long since been debunked. he said to. “It's a terribly awkward, chaotic situation when you have these people that move into your house, and you don't know them, and they don't know you, and you're trying to figure out how to be a family…Plus, for me, there've been a lot of great dramas made on this topic, but they tend to send people away with negative feelings. For Anders, making Instant Family was a beautiful reminder of how grateful he is for his family. ", There are some sillier moments that come from the couple's real life too, including one of the kids getting hit in the face with a ball. Before seeing the movie, Anders said his kids didn't understand its point. "For the longest time we just felt like we couldn’t afford it. The movie is based on director and co-writer Sean Anders' real story of adopting three children out of the foster care system with his wife, Beth. Shop Now, Follow the Guideposts special series, Overcoming Addiction Visit Now. In the new comedy Instant Family, out Nov. 16, a married couple decide to adopt a teenager from foster care and find out that she has two younger siblings who they would also need to take in. After doing some research on the foster system, the Anders decided they wanted to become foster parents. “When my wife and I got involved in foster care to adopt...we were really surprised that we didn’t know anything about it — from movies or from TV. Anders hopes his film can change people's perception of fostering children. They’re just kids, and they need families and they need love, and they have love to give, just like any other kids," Anders told the, So far, the movie has screened for audiences of families with adoptive and foster children — including Anders' own family, of course. "A good part of her story sort of winds up in the movie, as well," he told AJC. In the movie, Mark Wahlberg's character, Pete, jokes that he and his wife, Ellie (Rose Byrne), should adopt an older child, because it'll be like they had a kid sooner. At the time the kids were six, three, and 18-months. They go through with it, hijinks ensue, they all grow to love each other. “Why don’t we just adopt a 5-year-old and it will be like we got started five years ago?” he recalled in an essay for, The only problem? Instant Family is in theaters everywhere November 16. Families come in all shapes and sizes and Sean Anders newest film, Instant Family disproves the… So, I wanted to tell a story that had more laughs, and love, and joy in it, so that when people went away from it, they felt better about who these kids are, and who these families are.”. “Spending a year of your life, talking nonstop about your kids and how much you love them, and your family and how important they are to you, and making a movie about it, is very therapeutic,” Anders said. Thankfully, in real life it was a soccer ball and not a basketball like in the movie. In particular, a woman named Maraide Green became a consultant on the movie, gave notes on the script, and was there for filming. “What happened, at least in my classes, was that people came in who were very different, but because we were all going through the same thing, everybody got very close,” Anders said. Seven years ago, when Anders and his wife were in their early 40s, they began to consider having children. The friendships they form in the class are instrumental to their growth as parents and as people. In the movie, Wahlberg and Byrne take a foster class led by characters played by Octavia Spencer and Tig Notaro. Anders had joked that since he and his wife were on the older side, they should have older children, too. “I was supposed to be there to give words of encouragement and give the kids a boost, and here these kids were inspiring me. Before making the movie, Anders shared his experience in an essay for TIME. Anders and his wife were completely unaware of the actual mechanics of the fostering process. Wahlberg had worked with Anders before and accepted the role before even seeing a script because of his belief in the importance of the story. Inspired by the real-life adoption journey of the writer and director Sean Anders, the movie Instant Family takes a comedic and heartwarming look at the world of foster care and adoption. This website uses cookies to personalize content and ads and to analyze traffic. His wife challenged him to take the idea seriously and suggested they become foster parents. Anders and his wife Beth had discussed having children for years. It's been really wonderful.”. I’m not proud of that. Portraying these relationships was important to Anders. This includes showing a teen being adopted, so he spoke with women who had been fostered and adopted as teenagers to get their perspectives. All rights reserved. “I think when people hear the words ‘foster care’ it brings to mind a lot of negativity and fear, and what I found in my travels through the system, over and over again, is that you meet the kids, and you go ‘Oh, they’re just kids. It's a sweet premise, and Instant Family is actually based on a true story — or "inspired by a true family," as the trailer puts it. “So many genuinely funny things happened along the way,” Anders said. “Hopefully when people walk away from the movie, they have a more positive outlook of who these kids are, and what these families can be.”. This part was based specifically on a conversation Anders and Beth once had. "My wife Beth and I had been talking for years about whether we should have kids," he wrote. Inspired by the real-life adoption journey of the writer and director Sean Anders, the movie Instant Family takes a comedic and heartwarming look at the world of foster care and adoption It all started with an off-hand comment. “I had an experience at [an]…adoption fair in Boston,” Wahlberg said. Anders thought it important to include a teenage character in, Embedded within the movie's conventional family comedy structure is a message born of Anders' experiences. “The movie is inspired by my own family, but also by a lot of other families that I met along the way,” Anders said at a press conference for the film in New York City. "That's the thing," Anders told Screen Rant, "is that you're there and you're just trying to play and be a good guy and meet the kids, and then, of course, I'm there for, like, 15 minutes and I've already hurt him! Anders has been candid about the strangeness of those early days with his children. Instant Family: The True Story Behind The Inspiring New Adoption Movie, Guideposts Classics: Lew Ayres on Holding Fast to God, Guideposts Classics: Gene Lockhart on God's Presence, Guideposts Classics: Margaret O'Brien's Love of Christmas, Jean Trebek on Finding Joy with Her Husband Alex Despite His Pancreatic Cancer, Guideposts Classics: Walt Disney on Divine Inspiration. The actual process was a complete mystery,”, In 2012, the couple took three siblings — aged 6, 3, and one-and-half — into their home. Many of movie's sequences are directly inspired by those early months, like a memorable temper tantrum his then 3-year-old threw. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. While the film isn't exactly like their real lives, there are a number of anecdotes in the movie based on Anders and Beth's own experience. Plus, his kids like the movie, too. Anders made a joke that they should just adopt a five year old so it would be like they had a child sooner. "The story is inspired by my own life and experience of adopting kids out of foster care, but I wanted to cover some ground that I didn’t cover in my own experience," Anders said in an AJC.com interview. "But then when they saw the movie I think they really understood, and it definitely took them back.". “People, a lot of times, have negative ideas of who these kids are, and what to expect,” Anders said. he explained to AJC. Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne) are happily married and happily childless. After learning about the entire process, they ended up fostering and then adopting three siblings in 2012. Most of the action in The Trial of the Chicago 7, At the end of the new Disney+ movie Clouds, real home movie footage of Zach Sobiech and his friends and family plays through the credits. By the time they started taking the idea seriously, they were in their 40s and felt it might be too late. They took a class and began the process of becoming certified, thinking they would foster one child. Mark Wahlberg and Director Sean Anders share the backstory behind the heartwarming family film. "They sort of feel like, well we’re just this boring family, why would there be a movie about us?" That was very real. Beth "called [him] on it", and they decided to actually look into adoption. ", Anders hopes his comedy sheds light on the fostering process, since it's something not many people fully understand, and he told Screen Rant that he's already gotten positive reactions from social workers and adoptive families. Even more are inspired by foster and adoptive parents, The character Lizzy was born of that experience. When Sean told me about [his experience] being a [foster] dad, I couldn’t help but get a little emotional.”. Three years later, Anders has written and directed a movie about the experience, Instant Family, starring Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne and Octavia Spencer.

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