In 1978, a group called VIKING Lazio was formed, and took their place in the Curva Sud. Entre los incidentes que ha generado este grupo radical son la muestra de pancartas con mensajes ultraderechistas. Recordemos que el futbol es una fiesta y quien no pueda convivir con los demás no está invitado a ella. ¿Se continuará tolerando sus actos? A... ¿Alguna vez han jugado a no ser ustedes por un instante? They belonged to different groups which were Tuparamos, Eagles, Ultras, Vigilantes, NAB, CAST and Marines, the latter consisting mostly of younger fans. The Rome derby has been the scene of several actions related to the political views of the fan bases. Enrich are based in the old Curva Sud-Maestrelli together with Ardite Schiere. Gli irriducibili. This contrasted boldly with the Italian style of the Eagles Supporters, and by 1992, Irriducibili were by far Lazio's most powerful group as the Eagles Supporters disbanded.

The twinning got stronger when, during a Coppa Italia match at the Stadio Olimpico, between Triestina and Lazio's hated rivals AS Roma, the Triestina fans displayed Lazio banners in their terrace. "[4], On the morning of 11 November 2007 26-year-old Lazio fan Gabriele Sandri, a DJ from Rome, was killed by a shot in his neck while sitting inside a car,[5] by a policeman, after some other fans of Lazio violently assaulted a group of Juventus ultras with stones on the A1 Motorway service station of Badia al Pino in Arezzo. Éstos son definidos como incondicionales, extremadamente pasionales, aunque también violentos. Las llamas se propagaron rápidamente. Black players of Roma have often been receivers of racist and offensive behaviour. Another twinning of Lazio was born during the 80s, with Triestina. Por lo que respecta, la directiva de la Lazio se pronuncia en contra de las actitudes de los ultras. This is based on the two groups both being on the right-wing politically, and sharing the same ultras principles. [vague] During this period, Lazio ultras formed close ties with both Interisti and Veronesi. You have entered an incorrect email address! 1 (2), 54–63, Testa, A. El más famoso de ellos son los Ultras Sur del Real Madrid. In 1979, Lazio fan Vincenzo Paparelli was hit in the eye and killed by a flare fired by a Roma fan from the opposite end of the stadium, becoming the first fatality in Italian football due to violence.
He loved Lazio but the Irriducibili were above Lazio. A minority of Lazio's ultras used to use swastikas and fascist symbols on their banners, and they have displayed racist behaviour in several occasions during the derbies. It did not take long for the Irriducibili to rise to power in the Curva Nord.

Fabrizio Piscitelli, Irriducibili leader, shot dead in Rome. Throughout the course of his life, the Lazio fan accumulated assets amounting to over €2 million including cars, luxury real estate, and corporate equity investments. A friendship is held between the Lazio ultras and those of Hellas Verona. Curioso asunto pues fue el mismo club que le dijo “no” a Mussolini en 1927 para que se fusionara con otros clubes de la capital y formar a su odiado rival, la AS Roma. Sin embargo, jamás han realizado un castigo verdadero.

(2009) "UltraS: an Emerging Social Movement", Review of European Studies, vol. Later in the afternoon, the Italian Football Federation chose to postpone also the game between AS Roma and Cagliari, whose kick off was scheduled for 8:30 pm at Stadio Olimpico, Rome.

Distintos actos racistas son una constante también.
La historia de los Irriducibili comenzó a finales de la década de los ochenta, cuando un reducido grupo de hinchas de la Lazio decidió separarse de los Eagles Supporters, uno de los principales grupos ultras del equipo romano.

Fabrizio Piscitelli – Source – Gazzetta. They decide to rename the group in Eagles' Supporters: the inspiration came from a member of the Brigate Gialloblù, the main Hellas Verona F.C. The Irriducibili banner first appeared on the stands during a home match against Padova in 1987. The S.S. Lazio fans are supporters of Italian football club Lazio. [2], During the 1980s, the Curva Nord was admired and imitated by the rest of Italy because of their passion and originality which set them apart from the rest. Football, Fascism and Fandom: The UltraS of Italian Football, A&C (Bloomsbury), London, Black Publishers. 55 6842 2536 DAZN in advanced negotiations for TV channel on Sky. En 1992, tras un partido ante la AS Roma, el jugador Aron Winter se acercó a la grada para obsequiar su camiseta, sin embargo, fue rechazado simplemente por su color de piel. En 2018, los Irriducibili volvieron a estar en la mira debido a que colocaron stickers con la cara de Ana Frank, niña judía asesinada por el régimen nazi, junto con la playera de la AS Roma, haciendo referencia a su discurso antisemita en contra del club y el pueblo hebreo. [7] The Atalanta–Milan game was eventually suspended following unrest caused by local ultras attempting to break off the protection glass in order to invade the pitch and stop the match. De igual forma, la presencia de simbología neonazi se muestra cada partido en la Curva Nord, el lugar de los Irriducibili. It began in the late 1960s when small groups of supporters filled the steps of Stadio Olimpico in Rome. Testa, A. and Armstrong, G. (in press; November 2010). The Irriducibili Lazio is the most influential ultras group in the Curva Nord of S.S. Lazio Rome. Review of European Studies, vol 2(1), 15–24. [13] The ultras consider both Livorno and Atalanta to be among their greatest enemies. This news has shocked Laziali and police are currently investigating to find out more about the attack. El escritor nació en Bélgica debido a que su padre trabajaba en la embajada argentina, y... Fernando Schwartz nació el 19 de enero de 1960 en la Ciudad de México, y desde muy pequeño estuvo inmerso en el futbol.

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