'The Trial of the Chicago 7' True Story: How Accurate is Aaron Sorkin’s Netflix Film? "I can't watch scary movies," Rudolph told Polygon. Or not! Riding down the street on his bicycle, kids and grown-ups alike throw things at him. According to The Cinemaholic, Hubie Halloween also filmed in multiple towns on Massachusetts’ North Shore, shooting scenes in Danvers, Marblehead, and Beverly. And, when they run the credits, it’s obvious they had way too much fun making this film. The funniest parts were the credits with the cast is cutting up. All rights reserved. Noel Fielding's 'Great British Baking Show' Antics are Growing on Me, 'Great British Baking Show's Prue Leith Insults NYC's Chocolate Babka, All Hail, Rowan! Hubie Halloween 2020 PG-13 1h 43m Werewolf Horror Movies Hubie's not the most popular guy in Salem, Mass., but when Halloween turns truly spooky, this good-hearted scaredy-cat sets out to … You gotta get the bus.' Digital Spy participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. I was like, 'Could you walk me to the bus?' It haunted me for the rest of my life.". There are much scarier movies available on Netflix, and those likely don’t have as many fart jokes. 1,059, This story has been shared 692 times. Even so, the humour isn't crass enough to appeal to fans of, say, Anchorman, but not endearing enough for fans of Minions; it doesn't even strike the middle ground of The Lego Movie. It’s Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts, home of the witch trials in America, I ask you, what could go wrong? If you’re not already a Sandler fan you’ll probably quickly tire of his antics, but for the fans Hubie Halloween is another slice of affectionate silliness about a nebbish loser who comes good in the end. Hubie Halloween was filmed last year, well before the coronavirus pandemic. 'The Trial of the Chicago 7' True Story: How Accurate is Aaron Sorkin’s Netflix Film? There are some moments of general spookiness to keep the story moving along, but ultimately this is a comedy. If it rhymes with Hubie (pubie, boobies, etc. Anyways, someone starts kidnapping a bunch of people and Sandler has to solve the case. Overall, the narrative tone of the Netflix film is up-beat, though Hubie is consistently bullied by Salem locals, which could trigger negative emotions for individuals who have struggled with bullying in their personal lives. Hubie Halloween doesn't have any blatant gore. Hubie Halloween has nothing at all but a series of bad, butt-centred jokes and a feigned, offensive, speech impediment as a stand-in for humour. What Time Will 'A West Wing Special' Premiere on HBO Max. 411, This story has been shared 388 times. Is Hubie Halloween too scary for kids? Those probably had a few more overtly sexy moments, where sex is mostly referenced in dialogue here. Hubie loves Halloween and considers himself the monitor of Halloween keeping everyone safe. Hubie Halloween is goofy fun, only 90 minutes long and a great way to entertain the family (PG13) while you make popcorn balls, carve pumpkins, and DIY your costumes.. ), you’ll hear it. Here’s everything we know about where and when Sandler’s latest, Hubie Halloween, was filmed: Hubie Halloween is set in Massachusetts, but not all movies actually film where they take place. 1,506, This story has been shared 1,490 times. Here are the spoiler-free basics for the latest Happy Madison comedy. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Hubie's not the most popular guy in Salem, Mass., but when Halloween turns truly spooky, this good-hearted scaredy-cat sets out to keep his town safe. This … Movies with Mary: ‘Hubie Halloween’ is silly not scary. It was so nice to see people and kids filling the streets in their costumes that it made me yearn for Halloweens past. Hubie Dubois (Adam Sandler) has been bullied all his life by everyone. 679, This story has been shared 546 times. Silliness is his brand and, besides Punch Drunk Love and Uncut Gems, the actor isn't known for tackling seriousness by any stretch of the imagination. Adam Sandler’s latest movie arrived on Netflix today, but is Hubie Halloween safe for the whole family to watch together? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Steve Brill directed the film and the script by Sandler and Tim Leary was redundant. "The scene where the mother saw her kid watching it, I think it was, and she knew what was happening, that to me was the moment where I was like, 'Oh my god, I don't like this! Sandler has enlisted a cast that would make any director jealous. Adam Sandler fans? Some of his Hubie Halloween co-stars listed their scariest moviegoing experiences too. Luckily, this year, Adam Sandler has a suggestion. Hubie Dubois (Adam Sandler) considers himself responsible for monitoring activities every Halloween in his historic hometown of Salem, Mass., in HUBIE HALLOWEEN. Hubie has a secret, he has been in love with Violet Valentine (Julie Bowen) the prettiest, most popular girl in his high school since second grade but lacks the courage to tell her. There is a funny, albeit hardly subtle, wink to Sandler's early hit Happy Gilmore via a Ben Stiller cameo as Hal L. Sandler stars as the titular Hubie, who thanklessly spends every Halloween making sure the residents of his hometown, Salem, celebrate safely and play by the rules. Don't get us wrong, we love a bit of slapstick as much as anyone but there's only so many times Sandler can careen over his bicycle handlebars or overreact to a jump scare before it becomes flat-out boring. ... Jeez, with the “Scary Movie” franchise, we even got a satire of a satire (“Scream”).

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