Later that afternoon, Linden discovers a pond with scattered corpses rotting in biohazard bags. Rosie left the dance early, dropped a book off at Bennet Ahmed's house, went home where she received a phone call, left to meet someone at or near the casino, and was never heard from again. Gwen also claims that he was soaking wet when he returned. Stan, although having plenty of opportunities to explain about buying a new home, lets her go.[2]. When Bennet denies murdering Rosie, Stan leaves him standing on the dock. Stan Larsen Lesley Adams Sterling never hears from Rosie again. After seeing the police at the school looking for Rosie or anyone who may know her, Sterling leaves, riding her bicycle to a downtown gathering where she finds Kris Echols.

1 Episode (2012), Frans Bak Sarah finally decides to give up her career and move with Jack to Sonoma, California, to be with her fiancé.

Shortly afterwards, Belko holds a cop hostage in the police station before committing suicide. Upon learning that Rosie's body was found in the stolen campaign car of Seattle mayoral candidate Darren Richmond, Belko suggests arranging a hit on the politician. B. : Outside, Holder remembers Bullet was looking for Kallie and suggests talking to some girls on the street, which Reddick refuses to do.

Linden discovers an unfinished construction site, where she deduces that Rosie was taking one last look at the city before leaving. One October weekend, the Larsen family, except for Terry's teenaged niece, Rosie, goes camping. Benjamin Ford (Robert De Niro), ein amerikanischer Soldat der damals auf Seiten der Serbischen Armee gekämpft hatte, lebt mittlerweile zurückgezogen in einer kleinen Berghütte. While Darren recovers from his injuries, Gwen tells Linden that he smelled of salt water when he returned on the night of the murder, indicating that he had been kayaking. Belko pockets Bennet's cell phone when he leaves it behind after Rosie's memorial service. (uncredited), County Sherrif

Bullet asks Holder if he has seen Kallie and shows him a picture. The clerk does not recognize Ashley and blames Kallie, also on the printout, for spreading misinformation. He still needs to sign some paperwork.

/ ... At first rebellious, he softens enough to admit that he used to be a neighbor of Rosie, until his family's financial situation forced them to move. Still, Richmond is arrested for the murder of Rosie Larsen. Linden tells Holder that a possible connection exists between Trisha Seward and the other murders: Trisha's finger was broken and missing a ring, just like Kwon. Michael Oakes [9], Belko's contact in Rosie's high school informs him that one of her teachers, Bennet Ahmed, has emerged as the prime suspect in the murder. Linden tells Mitch that evidence has been linked to Bennet, promising her that he will soon be arrested. 49 Episodes (2011-2014), Mireille Enos She then warns him that his wife knows about their past affair. 18 Episodes (2011-2013), Eric Ladin When it is revealed that Rosie was found in the trunk of Darren's stolen campaign car and that a member of his outreach program is a suspect, Mayor Adams uses the information to smear Darren and freeze funding to the program. One weekend, her family planned to go camping out of town and Rosie stayed home, in order to attend a school dance. The room in the video is discovered to be attached to the school gymnasium. She eventually met and married Stan Larsen, even after knowing of his alcohol and gambling problems and his work as an enforcer in the Polish mob.

Hunting. Under questioning, Terry claims that one of her customers drove to the waterfront to discuss drowning, Rosie's cause of death. Mean Girl No. Mitch says that Terry has her own life, at which her mother scoffs.

3 Episodes (2011-2012), Keith Gordon Later at the high school, a cell phone is confiscated and given to the police. Bullet says she heard a woman crying at pimp Goldie's apartment but warns that Goldie has a big knife.

15 Episodes (2013-2020), Joan Allen This is a list of characters from the AMC television series The Killing, which are based on the characters from the Danish crime series Forbrydelsen. She was well-liked by her schoolmates and friends, to the point of causing mild jealousy within best friend Sterling Fitch. As of the end of Season One, Holder has been successful in pinning the girl's murder on Richmond.[2]. After being put back on the case, she continues to pursue more leads. Mitch Larsen Linden returns there with the new sketch and matches the trees from the drawing with a nearby grove and then makes her way through the trees to discover a pond with scattered corpses rotting in biohazard bags. 12 Episodes (2014-2020), Sterling Beaumon

Writer Hired for Anaconda Reimagining, 16 January 2020 Stan learns that Rosie may have spent the weekend with Jasper and mistakenly informs Mitch of this. Stan angrily confronts Jasper at his residence, but doesn't find his daughter. Jablonski Linden says no and ends the conversation. After discovering he was mis-informed, he calls Mitch on the way home, only to be stopped by a police blockade. She is dating a younger man named Cody, who seems unaware of her previous career. It is revealed that Jasper had been previously arrested for auto theft. 91 min He takes Bennet to a secluded area and severely beats him.

14 Episodes (2013-2013), Max Fowler
The detectives begin to check out the car, which was originally reported stolen by City Councilman Darren Richmond's staff. She does not offer to post his bail, but Terry does.

18 Episodes (2011-2013), Brent Sexton He mentions this to Mitch, who offers.

Despite swearing his innocence, Darren is arrested.

In a neighborhood where street kids hang out, Holder asks Kallie and Bullet if they have heard about the dead girl. Emil Kovac: Bartosz Bielenia, Eliza Rycembel, Aleksandra Konieczna. Rosie has disappeared and is believed to be with Jasper, since, as Kris put it, he bought the drug Ecstasy and went to his family's island weekend home, "looking to 'bone' (have sex)."


Now discontinued and a collectible. Darren Richmond However, Sarah becomes obsessed again with another case involving the murder of a teenaged girl, and she and her son stay longer in Seattle. She recognizes the buildings as the abandoned factory where the recent victim was found. [6] Around this time, Linden and her partner, Stephen Holder, uncover details about Stan's past, mostly concerning his prior gambling habits and his ties to the Polish mob.

This heightens Mitch's awareness that her daughter is missing. 11 February 2020

So what now? His father was later revealed to have played a key role in Rosie's death. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. However, he asks if Richmond has any other secrets and is assured that there is nothing to worry about. A cop brings a DVD to the attention of Holder and Linden, who watch the DVD and hear a male voice ask Kallie to remove her shirt.[5]. After Oakes tells them they need solid proof to check out the staff, they learn that Richmond himself has no alibi for the night in question. There, the detectives find a submerged car with Rosie's body in the trunk. Solomon Gordon, Henning Baum, Leighanne Esperanzate, Mit

Doch nicht jeder Schatten der Vergangenheit lässt sich in der Vergessenheit verschlossen halten. The Killing (TV Series 2011–2014) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. They obtain video footage and notice that a light goes out in the supposedly empty residence as she arrives. Jasper is the teenaged son of Michael Ames, a wealthy Seattle land developer, particularly along the waterfront areas. 15 Episodes (2011-2013), Elias Koteas 3 Episodes (2011-2012), Dawn Prestwich

Im... Duell der Schauspiel-Schwergewichte: Im neuen internationalen Trailer zu Mark Steven Johnsons Action-Thriller "Killing Season"... Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben, Von (uncredited), Correctional Officer [3], Linden has the Seward file in her attic. 5 Episodes (2013-2014), Dan Attias Rosie had ties to a casino where she anonymously deposited large sums of money into her aunt Terry's bank account. | Reddick suggests they give the case to fellow detective Tim Jablonski.

Emil Kovac:

[4], Stanley "Stan" Larsen, the husband of Mitch Larsen and the father of Rosie, Tommy, and Denny Larsen, is the owner of a Seattle moving company.
When Holder departs, he leaves the new case file on her table.

Linden is initially dismissive of the case, and intends on handing it over to the sex crimes division. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now.

When Bennet is cleared and the campaign receives a sizable donation, Darren shows renewed confidence in his electoral chances. The teenager is first seen when Rosie's friend, Sterling, asks Kris Echols of his location. Jablonski agrees to take the case, although Holder is reluctant. As Sterling departs from Kris, she is met by Stan Larsen, Rosie's father, who is also looking for his daughter. 1 Doch das weiß Ford noch nicht bei ihrem ersten Zusammentreffen. Bennet Ahmed, Bennett Ahmed

Travoltas character (Emil Kovac) travels to the United States seeking revenge against the U.N. commander (De Niro) for atrocities committed by his troops against the Serbians.

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