Try to find Jerzy Haas's brilliant movie adaption once you are done reading this remarkable book. Presented in Polish with English subtitles, "The Saragossa Manuscript" is a frequently dark, naughty and rather funny affair perfectly delightful for the discerning moviegoer open to the challenge of watching a film that makes "Memento" look like an Adam Sandler film. Rules are there to be broken. I wasn't sure quite how to rate this one.

It moves very quickly. If you are a fan of Milorad Pavic's Dictionary of the Khazars, Isak Dinesen's Seven Gothic Tales, Robert Irwin', Am I allowed to fully love a book I have never finished? Maybe try one of the links below or a search?

Get our latest news, giveaways, free subscriptions and more. mathematician, and others who entertain each other with stories in their He appears to have taken a series of soldier's campfire tales and strung them together to create a work very similar to Antoine Galland's translation of the Tales of the Arabian nights. Jan Potocki was born into the Potocki family, an aristocratic family, that owned vast estates in Poland. Before I start gushing about this film, keep in mind that I rarely see European (let alone Polish) films, and I rarely see "vintage" films. This book channels down to an ending that should not be revealed at all, and you really will do yourself a disservice by knowing it ahead of time. This is all grist for the mill in service to the overarching metanarrative. This devious narrative arrangement lends The Manuscript a decidedly postmodern feel. I may give it a fourth try in my retirement. If anything it leaves one with stronger sense of brotherhood and love for one's neighbor.

I read this for my senior seminar in college; the topic of the course was Possible Worlds. This book is about stories, stories within stories and stories within stories within stories just like the hit movie Inception by Christopher Nolan. While b/w has become an overused technique to depict bleakness, this film reminded me just how little all the high-tech Hollywood production methods actually use the medium of film itself to its fully expressive potential. It won some awards when it was initially released, though it received a severely edited release in the US before it disappeared from public consciousness. Thirty Hours with a Corpse and Other Tales of the Grand Guignol, The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman. It’s a structure that In its full-length version of 3hrs. | If you are a fan of Milorad Pavic's Dictionary of the Khazars, Isak Dinesen's Seven Gothic Tales, Robert Irwin's Arabian Nightmare, Calvino, Borges, Pamuk's Black Book, John Barth's Sotweed Factor, and Edward Whittemore you owe yourself a trip into this dark tangle of a novel, now I should get around to finishing it. If you see problems or bugs on the site, please let us know and include the URL and also which browser you are using. Awsesome, sui generis, book, its structure and social landscape is complex and intrincate; let me just share some quotes: Readers have loved this book for almost three hundred years (as well as being intrigued by the method of the author's suicide....look it up) but I finally abandoned it. The Saragossa Manuscript is an enigmatic film, haunting and hilarious, dazzlingly complex, and spellbinding across almost three hours. Beautifully executed frame tale in the tradition of Decameron and Canterbury tales. aristocratic family, Potocki had the luxury of travelling the world widely when This is a movie ABOUT telling stories, about the supernatural, about faith, sin, and punishment, about comedy and tragedy, about all those tricks of storytelling. But he soon finds himself mysteriously detained at a highway inn in the strange and varied company of thieves, brigands, cabbalists, noblemen, coquettes and gypsies, whose stories he records over sixty-six days. All of these disparate traveler’s tales present a complex and nuanced mosaic of the Eighteenth Century Mediterranean world. The book is a collection of intertwining, often hilarious, stories of various natures, styles, and character: gothic, romance, a singular mathmatician, erotica, chivalry, adventure, greed, religion from many perspectives. The Saragossa Manuscript is quite possibly one of the best Polish films ever made and is one of my favorites.
Alphonse, a young Walloon officer, is travelling to join his regiment in Madrid in 1739. The writing is thought by scholars to have begun about 1809.

At one point the narratives are nested 4 deep (a story within a story within a story within a story). I read this a very long time ago, when I was 16. The sheer number of nested stories and the similarity between many of the plot lines meant that I pretty much gave up trying to remember who was who. Found in Saragossa is a the stories and their overlaps, but usually it is in the most pleasant way. It consists of a collection of supernatural tales linked together by a complex series of frame stories, as in a nightmarish hall of mirrors. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Required fields are marked *. can be challenging, and Potocki almost makes it look utterly effortless. Reading it, I was amazed to realize that the film actually includes remnants of every story in the book(s): when, for example, Alphonso opens a door to find a bewigged scholar interrupted while declaiming "...Then the first skeleton tore out his own arm-bone and began hitting me with it..."-the whole story is there in the book, i.e., what the skeletons were doing there in the first place. Wojciech Has' movie of The Hourglass Sanatorium introduced me to a new world of cinema in which the camera digresses from plot and characterisation to revel in images filled with wonder, horror, strangeness and mystery, that speak about human existence in symbolic instead of literal ways. Oh boy.

Written by a very eccentric Pole around the turn of the 19th century, it recounts a whole slew of frame tales set in 16th century Spain. I will never forget some of the images, Potocki had quite an imagination.
up, but once I read a bit about Potocki’s biography, I decided to resort to I've never tried hallucinogenic drugs, and I'm not sure I'll ever have to so long as a copy of this book is readily at hand. Yet there is more to Potocki, including some rather dark rumors too. This frame sequence accretes layer upon layer of narrative upon itself. The Manuscript Found in Saragossa (Manuscrit trouvé à Saragosse) was recommended to me both because I was trying to read more work from Polish authors and because I have read Boccaccio’s Decameron. Potocki is interesting also. that, it’s a work that isn’t tied to any kind of realism. this is my third read of this in ten years. To this Potocki adds Masonic and Kabbalistic elements. When a character takes center stage and begins relating their tale, it is not initially apparent where the narrative thread will lead. i didnt try intellectualise it, but it was impossible to pick apart.

It has been called a "black Decameron". But he soon finds himself mysteriously detained at a highway inn in the strange and varied company of thieves, brigands, cabbalists, noblemen, coquettes and gypsies, whose stories he records over sixty-six days. To see what your friends thought of this book. And much like Scheherazade, Potocki knows how to reel the reader in; he gives just enough flavor, just enough color to hook you. I didn't enjoy it at the time. I loved it, and went so far as to locate and purchase the book(s) from which it was adapted. The ignorant man thinks he understands something provided that he sees it every day.

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