Day decided to go full time on YouTube in 2019 after it was just a side project for several years. Matt Day Photo Friend of Mine | PRE-ORDER Mentorship Sessions Merch Weddings Wedding Pricing Families YouTube Instagram Podcast Contact × Friend of … "The response was definitely overwhelming," he said. "That bridge has been one of my favorite places to shoot for years, but I don't think I've ever been able to get a shot of it without a single car in the frame," he said. The channel is primarily focused on film photography. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. It was shot on just three rolls of film, which was a challenge for Day. CHILLICOTHE-Matt Day, a native son of Chillicothe, photographer, and youtuber, says his new zine, entitled "social distancing" sold all over the world. A sign said on the window that they would be closed until further notice. It was great exercise for future projects that I’m planning for.". The Southeast Alaska Conservation Council recently produced a zine “Hunker Down For Climate Change” made with art submissions from residents of … Day knew when he started the project that he intended to donate the proceeds to a community organization to help people who need it. - … ZINE(ジン)とは、自作の文章やイラスト、写真などを使って、個人が製作する小冊子のこと。, 1940年代にSFのジャンルから始まり、1960年代のカウンターカルチャーや1970年代のパンクといったムーブメントとともに、独自の表現メディアとして進化してきました。, ポートランドは、そんなZINEカルチャーを長年支えてきた、代表的な街。とりわけ、1990年代以降、中心的な役割を果たしてきたのが、ポートランド南東部にある「IPRC(インディペンデント・パブリッシング・リソース・センター)」です。, IPRCは、ZINEクリエイターによる、ZINEクリエイターのためのコミュニティスペース。1998年の創設以来、ポートランドのZINEコミュニティを盛り上げ、サポートしてきました。, 倉庫のような広いスペースには、コンピュータやコピー機はもちろん、活版印刷、裁断機、製本機、タイプライターを完備。米国最大のZINE専門ライブラリーも併設しています。, IPRCがZINEの「つくる」をサポートする場なら、「発表する」をサポートしているのが「Portland Zine Symposium(ポートランド・ジン・シンポジウム)」。多種多様なZINEを一同に集め、作家と読者をつなぐ場として、2001年から毎年、ポートランドで開催されてきました。, 2014年7月の第14回イベントでは、米国各地から130以上の個人作家、独立系出版社が出展。SF、ホラー、コミック、音楽、旅行記、ポエムなど、一般の書店ではなかなか入手できない、個性豊かなZINEが、所狭しと並びます。, 作家から直接、ZINEのテーマやコンセプトを聞き、じっくり品定めできるのは、イベントならではの楽しみですよ。, ポートランドは、州憲法により、表現の自由が広く認められている、オレゴン州の最大都市。また、欲しいものは自分でつくり、生活をより豊かに楽しむ「DIY精神」が、深く根付いている街でもあります。, 自分らしさを自由に表現する手段として、ZINEという自分のメディアを、“DIY”する。ポートランドのZINEカルチャーは、このようなポートランドならではの土壌が育んできた産物のひとつなのかもしれません。, 1973年生まれ。米国MBA(経営学修士号)取得後、約10年にわたるビジネス経験を経て、物書きに転身。何気ない日常の風景に潜む、ちょっとしたアイデアや工夫を発見するのが好き。趣味はフォトグラフィー。世界中のステキなものをたくさん見つけて、ご紹介していきたいと思っています。, COPYRIGHT © mediagene Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, TRUE PORTLAND the unofficial guide for creative people 創造都市ポートランドガイド, グリーンネイバーフッド―米国ポートランドにみる環境先進都市のつくりかたとつかいかた. Produced and designed by Caleb Jenkins Studio, it presents an intimate look in the foothills of Ohio and Matt's local area. Julie Bolen, Director of Ross County Community Action, said that the money will be used in partnership with the Ross County Outreach and Recovery Center to support their homeless outreach in giving daily meals for the homeless. But at the heart of it, it’s all about photography and the passion that I have for it.". This effort includes delivering meals to the homeless population put up in a local hotel in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. Day is also a successful youtuber, with a channel that currently has around 123,000 subscribers. On The Hunt For Zine Subjects + Why You Need To Create One - Duration: 10:02. Japan, India, New Zealand, Ireland, Brazil, this little piece of Chillicothe is everywhere.". This project had a purpose, a deadline, a story. "It was kind of a fun challenge that I gave myself, and I gave myself a due date because that way I had more motivation to complete it, I couldn't just push it back and push it back and then say, 'oh well, I didn't have the time," said Day. "I made some calls to find out who was doing the work for our community, especially for those that were affected heavily by the pandemic. Check out his channel at Matt Day on Youtube. Another shows North Bridge Street at Crispy Creme, a popular staple of the community, closed and dark. Authentic Aesthetic 2,924 views 3:50 Where Should I Print My Zines? CHILLICOTHE-Matt Day, a native son of Chillicothe, photographer, and youtuber, says his new zine, entitled "social distancing" sold all over the world. "I didn’t know what to expect, especially in such a short 30-day window, but seeing the book shipping all over the world was incredible. In this weeks episode of Sunday Reading, Matt Day's latest release, Little Mountains (first printing) is being discussed. When I talked to Community Action, it was clear that they knew how to best use the money that was raised to make the biggest difference possible," he said. Bolen said she was very impressed with Day's work. ", Day said that it was "refreshing" to go out and shoot a project. I would have loved to shoot way more, but being self-employed with two kids, I don’t have much time as it is. "I had three rolls of film to work with because I gave myself 30 days to make the photos, get the film processed and scanned, sequence and layout the images, and then publish it to the audience. "I talk about a lot of different film cameras, different types of film, technique for shooting film, that sort of thing. "The project he produced was awesome, and then to turn around and give it back to the community to help support our most in need and vulnerable population is just amazing," she said. The zine was shot in old fashioned 35mm film, in black and white. "From the sign’s uncertainty, letting everyone know they would be closed until further notice, to the smokestack in the distance, to the empty Bridge Street which never happens, it pulled a lot of the elements together," he said. Solitude permeates throughout this collection, building into a wonderful representation of spaces just out of reach.More from Matt Day his work Follow Me:Instagram: In his office hangs a Youtube Silver Creator award, which is awarded to channels who pass 100,000 views. Matt Day 11,499 views 1:33:26 Six photo zines that I like - Duration: 3:50. … The project started as a challenge that Day gave himself in March, as businesses began to close due to COVID. "So much of what I shoot on a daily basis is either my daily life with my family or just finding subjects to shoot for a YouTube video. "I learned a lot about piecing together a narrative, especially in such a short time frame," he said. The Zine is composed of black and white photos showing scenes of isolation in Chillicothe, such as the cover that shows the bridge on East Main Street completely empty.

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