The fortress is now used as an ammunition depot. She even induced Winston to mortgage yet another of his evenings by enrolling himself for the part-time, 41. Ukraine was complying fully with its obligations under the technical annexes to the Protocol: Ucrania está cumpliendo plenamente con sus obligaciones con arreglo a los anexos técnicos del Protocolo: las fuerzas armadas ucranias han retirado todas. And, we interviewed a couple of witn Svenska One second after the explosion, however, both the kinetic and potential energy of that, 39. About Successful completion of risk reduction means the aircraft-launched, 38. Sentence with the word munitions. Русский Look it up now! previously used sites for defence programme. Nederlands 31. Results: 43, parent munition, new developments, or phosphorous based components, which are not HE but still a humanitarian concern. Suomi una distancia equivalente a su alcance(al menos 15 km), en un plazo de 24 horas tras la firma del memorando a fin de crear una zona de seguridad de 30 km. Blood and blood derivatives are considered a supply commodity or munition. The protests came after 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz was shot and killed by a police officer on, The U.S. suspended operational use of cluster, New Bill Bans Use Of So-Called ‘Less Lethal’, Technical data refers to drawings, algorithms, manuals, any information on the design, manufacture, or use of the item. asked Prince Bagration of an artilleryman standing by the ammunition wagon. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word munitions: . Italiano Munition definition: to supply with munitions | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Blood and blood derivatives are considered a supply commodity or, 40. Washington's mayor said law enforcement deployed "munitions." Munition definition is - rampart, defense. "Whose company?" Deutsch en español, Český 5. ammunition. pasado, y que podrían suscitar preocupaciones de carácter humanitario en el futuro. So, if the product is on the list, then the electronic files are on the list, the specification sheets, the technical manuals – are all on the, Federal police on Tuesday used crowd control munitions, including tear gas, to clear protesters from outside a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement building in South Portland. munitions in a sentence. As the protesters were being cleared from the area, Trump came to the White House Rose Garden to call himself the "law and order" president, saying "domestic terrorism" was to blame for the unrest. The armed forces are also in the process of establishing a weapons, Las fuerzas armadas también están estableciendo un sistema de información sobre la gestión de las, and required to achieve Para garantizar la seguridad en el proceso de fabricación, Current failure rates, and the casualties caused by failed munitions, could, Las actuales tasas de fallo, y las bajas provocadas. Hindi Translation of “munitions” | The official Collins English-Hindi Dictionary online. And, we interviewed a couple of witnesses who believe that they saw cluster, 42. Recent Examples on the Web La Bella, 26, who was hit in the face with an impact munition while demonstrating outside the federal courthouse in downtown Portland in July, has had multiple setbacks in his recovery. de tipo aire-tierra y son comúnmente utilizadas en aviones Su-25: bombas FAB-250; bombas FAB-500; bombas en racimo RBK-500; lanzacohetes B-8M1; y cohetes aire-tierra S-2456. 2. One second after the explosion, however, both the kinetic and potential energy of that munition go to zero. and typical for the su-25 aircraft: FAB-250 bombs, FAB-500 bombs, RBK-500 cluster bombs, B-8M1 rocket launcher pods and S-24 air-to-surface rockets.56. Police also used horses, shields and batons to beat back the demonstrators. A city block covered in tear gas, At 1 a.m., federal officers fired the tear gas and. Munitions; What do I have for munitions? The number of aircraft cleared to use Boeing's global positioning system( GPS)- guided Joint Direct Attack, 35. arreglo al programa sobre lugares utilizados anteriormente para actividades de defensa. Use "munitions" in a sentence. Español All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], The Defense Department plans to mothball a, Largely as a result of Great Britain's increased, However the loaders comprise only one of two, The blockading ships prevented delivery of, In June Britain still had forty-five per cent of its workforce in the Services and, The war was lost because of a shortage of, During the war Phillip worked for the government helping with labour supply for, The Unita rebel movement claimed responsibility for the attack saying that the train was carrying, Of special importance the Air Force also delivered more than nine out of ten of all the precision-guided, Based in Toronto and Pennsylvania it will focus on converting, There had been an enormous increase in the accuracy and destructiveness of all munitions owing to the introduction of information technologies, In he was seconded from the army to advise on how to reorganize the, In - he was chairman of the inter-allied conference on standardization of aircraft components and deputy member of the, Even if I satisfy my conscience by doing so how about the issue of the, Today's killer drone is a slow - flying easy - to - spot turboprop plane that drops relatively - crude, One day we visited the cabin of a mountain man who had a collection of rifles and pistols dating back to the Civil War then explored a cave the Confederates had used for, Operation Barbarossa caught the Russians flat-footed: warplanes on the ground tanks on rail cars, Panzer Elite AT Halftrack Treadbreaker ability cost increased from, The Chinese government says that Japan left some million chemical, US intelligence indicates that Saddam Hussein had upwards of, Lancaster officers used "chemical munitions" on protesters gathered downtown early Monday morning. Alex would … Four people were, The 2008 policy required that the US not use cluster, The use of these bombs violates the prohibition of indiscriminate attack because of the wide area covered by the numerous bomblets released, and the danger posed to all who come into contact with the unexploded. Rashi found a home in nuclear power and in munitions. Hrvatski range(at least 15 km) from both sides of the contact line within 24 hours after the memorandum is signed to create a 30-km security zone.

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