How can “literally” everyone say that if you are having an argument with someone NOT saying that? I’m a big fan as Arozarena, but he won’t help the Cardinals’ roster because there are a large number of outfielders who are ahead of him, including prospects Lane Thomas and Dylan Carlson, who has been ranked ahead of Matt Liberatore on most national prospect lists. But that doesn’t get them the high draft pick. unfortunately, you are brutally correct…STL is stuck with Fowlup & MCarp. Randy Arozarena is making all sorts of history for the Tampa Bay Rays. In July 2016, he signed with the Cardinals for $1.25MM as a 21-year-old. The 19-year-old Rodriguez has hit .338/.389/.495 with six home runs over his first 244 PA as a professional, two seasons with the Rays’ teams in the Dominican Summer League and rookie-ball Gulf Coast League (though he missed over six weeks this season due to injury).  Signed out of Venezuela during the 2017-18 international signing period, Rodriguez was ranked prior to the 2019 season as the 53rd-best prospect in Tampa Bay’s system, as per Fangraphs’ Kiley McDaniel and Eric Longenhagen.  It remains to be seen if Rodriguez can remain as a catcher, though Longenhagen/McDaniels were impressed by his hitting ability. It does need to be noted that AAA leagues moved to using the MLB ball that is more homer friendly. Arozarena's four postseason home runs put him in elite Cuban company. Not the most worthless but a strong candidate. Then again, I’m not sure I remember what it is like to have a stud pitching prospect ha ha. I get they think this could be another Yandy Diaz but Liberatore is a lot more of a risk to move than Jake Bauers. Wow nice one RAYS. Arozarena had a very good year at triple A and has tools like speed and defense that are dependable. Cards won’t trade for Arenado when they could just sign Donaldson for less money and keep the prospects. If they don’t, I’m happy with this trade either way. Fast-forward to the present, and Arozarena is making MLB news this October with his bat instead of his phone. That’s where many Cardinals fans check out on me. Considering the lack of starting pitcher depth in the farm system below the major league level, the answer was a clear yes. The rays got value on every single piece. Rays acquired what they needed. I don’t know Arozarena’s background very well as he had only limited play in MLB. That’s how I feel about it. 2: What is the projectible difference in value between Arozarena and the non-Carlson outfield pre-arbs and prospects (Bader, O’Neill, and Thomas) over the next three years? Randy Arozarena: Rays 2020 Rookie Of The Year. Yes. Pham for Genesis Cabrera is still open for debate. I’ve heard them all over the last three weeks. I’ll take the guy who had a 160 wrc at aa and 150 at aaa. This isn’t what you give for a guy like Martinez. Marcels Projections (found at Baseball-Reference) projects him to hit .261/.333/.452 over 212 plate appearances. Remember, Mozeliak had tried to move Jose Martinez several times leading into the winter of 2020. It IS possible that both teams can benefit from a trade. To everyone saying the Rays got fleeced clearly you haven’t been paying attention. I just saw this news… somehow I missed it, Please login to leave a reply. Meanwhile, the Cardinals had at least eight bats at 40+ FV and five of those were rated at 45 and higher. plus he wasnt starting consistently like that, so those stretches were a good time for him and he more than likely felt comfortable while in those stretches of him starting. I meant to add that Jose has a knee that been injured many times but his last injury put him out for almost a season in the PCL with KCs AAA team. This includes information about the number of visitors to the site, what pages visitors view on our site and how long visitors are viewing pages on the site. Prospect rankings are fun let’s give this some time before deciding who came up big. Arozarena’s 29.4 ft/s Sprint Speed by Statcast puts him tied for the 23rd fastest in the majors last year tied with guys like Kiermaier and Mallex Smith. That guy will be an all star, maybe MVP caliber catcher in three years. The Cards were able to move some of that blockade in the OF to free up room for Carlson and Thomas and it’s good to see JMart somewhere he can prosper like Pham did. The Cardinals are hoping an A ball pitcher comes through with his potential. That has runs scored all over it. Subscribe now to get full access to the new sports page. Traded a player with no position in the NL and a young guy who streamed a video that embarrassed his manager, for a good young prospect. Keep Ozuna away and I might start watching again. #Rays Neander on Randy Arozarena: "We believe he is on the cusp of establishing himself as a very good major league player with meaningful upside.". Rays General Manager Erik Neander believes he’ll be able to overcome these flaws and become a major league regular. They just cleared two OFs off their roster, if anything it looks like they have room for him now. Argue if you want, but that’s the right choice from a scouting and age perspective. This only makes sense if both franchises had high expectations of Arozarena. The pitching staff, with only six veteran pitchers on the roster, had space for seven pre-arbs spread across the rotation and bullpen. I hope it works out well for both teams, However, the Rays have less risk since both players are no longer prospects with success in the MLB and triple A minors. He’s carries a pretty big stick. The Rays paid up for a player they believe in more than consensus. JMart could be a 3 win player if he doesn’t need to play in the field. It was not a 1 for 1 @Alfred. Most of their core is locked up for multiple years and they have the best farm system in MLB. JMart is a classy player that wore the birds on the bats well. Remember: He's still technically a rookie. Martinez will be the RH part of a DH with Choi. Too bad you don’t have many fans in the stands. but look at when he starts every game for 3-4 series in a row… he crushes the competition. And you really have no idea what you're getting yourself into. 1) Does anyone besides me think that the Cards are just gonna flip Liberatore in a deal for Nolan Arenado? No chance.". The Rays FO is pretty good. The Rays are a contender to win the World Series and have a window of opportunity to do so, and at the same time have the #1 Farm System in baseball. I applaud them for trading from an area of strength (farm) to fortify their team now during this window. ©2020 The Athletic Media Company. Look back in prior threads and tell me it wasn’t filled with Arrenado will be a Cardinal His first game for Tampa Bay this season was more than a month after the season began in late July because he contracted COVID-19. With good exit velocity numbers in his cup of coffee there are reasons to believe the bat can play up. The centerpiece is moving 40 or so places up in the draft. Great. More smoke and glass from Mo…same lame OF that everyone in Cardinals nation that isn’t a homer has envisioned. He’s a great hitter and I’ve wanted him on the Yankees for years. Arozarena might also be a 5th OF/AAAA guy. At the MLB level in January 2020, the Cardinals had more young pitching depth than hitting depth – 10 pre-arb pitchers vs. 5 pre-arb bats. Does that mean both customers got equal value? the draft choice/bonus slot addition is a key piece. As a cards fan I’m sorry to see Jmart go. We desperately needed a RH centerfield option to back up / platoon kevin Kiermaier and a solid RH DH / 1B type. you also cannot forget about the 1st round competitive pick. Even though they liked Arozarena, the Cardinals needed Liberatore more. Arozarena now seems likely to start the year in Triple-A, … There doesn’t have to be a headliner. i live in stl and got to go see a redbirds game this past summer and arozarena was very fun to watch and might be one to look out for! In any market, the value of a given asset is the price paid. dang that’s all? Plus, rays are gonna use him mainly vs lhps who he has obliterated in his career. Who in their right mind would take Fowler? I think they’re only carrying 13. Yeah, I feel like TB could’ve done better than this return. Rays have Shane B & Shane M in the minors for top young SP. I think this is a win-win. It's truly amazing what he can do against the best arms in the game.". Until they dumped Martinez, it was a non-starter for them. Cards landed a prospect, and maybe two, for a part time player (Martinez) and a AAA OF with no place to play in a crowded outfielder. Regardless the Cardinals made out like bandits in this trade IF they Liberatore pans out. There’s about 10-15 TRUE aces in the entire league rn. Unrealistic, yes I know. I was just throwing another in case they go 14/12 for the 26 player roster. i think yes. I will just sit back and see how these guys perform and my guess is by year 2 this deal will look a lot better as most Rays trades tend to do with time. Meadows was 23 and played in 25 total games and Glasgow was a high prospect who didn’t find it yet at the old age of 25. I agree. He hasn’t really fit on the Cardinals roster for awhile; why not use that roster spot to get some of these young talented but inexperienced outfielders some seasoning? Yeah. He's timed up. The Rays RARELY lose a trade, check their track record. #2020vision. He’s in low A ball and his numbers were good, but not overwhelming. Roster Resource agrees. In … Finally that goofball Martinez is gone, but the K brothers stay. All rights reserved. While trading a very good prospect-Remember Cardinal fans, 80% of prospects never make it to the majors but Libatore is a good one.good luck with that. Just because the cardinals “couldn’t use” the players doesn’t mean they don’t have value. For the second time in less than a year the Rays have moved a player that is a consensus top 50 prospect in the game and that creates some unease for a fan base that is accustomed to be the team collecting prospects rather than trading them. The Cardinals chose Carlson to couple with their veteran players and trusted any shot-term production gap between their other pre-arb/prospect outfielders and Arozarena would not be greater than the potential value added by Liberatore over the long-term. They gave up a future ace for a DH-only and a 5th OF aka guys with zero trade value. The biggest surprise in this trade, for me, is that it was actually Liberatore that was moved. Dude is a hitter. These Cookies allow us to understand how visitors use our site. When they resigned Martinez I figured they would use those two years to see if they could get him involved with a trade and they succeeded. Mark Prior is nothing what we are talking about here.

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