And in cases of severe trauma[26], such as the scourging and crucifixion that Jesus suffered[27], red blood cells are broken and their haemoglobin is converted by the liver into bilirubin[28]. The earliest painted representation of the Turin Shroud," Christie's, 7 June.

[return]37. This is the twenty-third and final installment of part #34, "The Shroud is consistent with the Bible" of my series, "The evidence is overwhelming that the Turin Shroud is authentic!" But it was common in medieval Europe, when the shroud first appeared. [return]11. Archbishop Nosiglia announced the 2020 event during this year’s annual meeting of youth sponsored by the ecumenical Taizé Community, which was held in Poland. In 2015 there was an extraordinary exhibit of the Shroud. All of his services during Holy Week have been conducted without public attendance due to the pandemic. Tyrer, J., 1983, "Looking at the Turin Shroud as a Textile," Shroud Spectrum International, No. Hynek, 1951, p.10; Humber, T., 1978, "The Sacred Shroud," [1974], Pocket Books: New York NY, p.99; Wilson, 1979, pp.266-267; Scavone, D.C., 1989, "The Shroud of Turin: Opposing Viewpoints," Greenhaven Press: San Diego CA, p.14; Petrosillo & Marinelli, 1996, p.181; Wilson, 1998, p.126; Ruffin, 1999, p.64; Antonacci, 2000, p.152; Guerrera, V., 2001, "The Shroud of Turin: A Case for Authenticity," TAN: Rockford IL, p.14. Starting with a negative photo of the Shroud face before them, Craig and Bresee carefully added carbon dust to their `replication' until it had the same three-dimensional structure as the Shroud face: So next time, I'll finish this story bringing a little more science to bear on the famous shroud of Turin. The body is covered with the wounds of a severe scourging.

[return]63. de Wesselow, 2012, p.136. 8615-1863[43].]. Emphases are mine unless otherwise indicated. [return]98.

[return]22. He cannot claim that the Shroud image is both a rubbing and a painting!

There is no official teaching or dogma on the authenticity of the Shroud, which is housed in the Cathedral of Turin. [return]44. This is artistic proof beyond reasonable doubt that the Shroud (as the Image of Edessa "four-doubled" (Greek tetradiplon) - see 15Sep12] was in existence in Constantiople in 944 [see "944b"] and before that in Edessa in 544 [see "544"].

Nosiglia, who will pray before the holy relic in a live-streamed event, said he has received “thousands and thousands” of requests to display the shroud during Easter — and in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic. [return]5. [return]74.Wilson, 1998, p.202; Antonacci, 2000, p.76. [return]78.

& Schwortz, 2000, p.122. The gospels' accounts of Jesus' suffering, crucifixion and death (Mt 26:67-27:60; Mk 14:55-15:46; Lk 22:63-23:54; Jn 18:22-19:42) surprisingly only once mentions Jesus' shed blood (Jn 19:34).

& Schwortz, 2000, p.122; Wilson, 2010, p.26. [return]37.

[return]45. centuries, relics have inspired and comforted in dire times. Antonacci, 2000, p.37.

2000, 2010, 2020, etc.

Gove, 1996, p.264; Hulse, T.G., 1997, "The Holy Shroud," Weidenfeld & Nicolson: London, p.28; Wilson, I., 1998, "The Blood and the Shroud: New Evidence that the World's Most Sacred Relic is Real," Simon & Schuster: New York NY, p.7; de Wesselow, T., 2012, "The Sign: The Shroud of Turin and the Secret of the Resurrection," Viking: London, pp.160, 301.

Extraordinary public display of Turin Shroud in 2020 The Shroud of Turin, believed by many to be the burial cloth of Jesus, will be publicly displayed again on the occasion of the Taizé Community’s next annual meeting of Europe’s youth in Turin, Italy, in December 2020. He is yet another Shroud sceptic example of `the blind leading the blind' (Mt 15:14; Lk 6:39): [Above (enlarge)[115]: "The Blind Leading the Blind," 1568, by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (c.1525-1569). However in the gospels Jesus predicted His bloody death (Mt 26:28; Mk 14:24; Lk 22:20) and elsewhere in the New Testament (Rom 3:25; 5:9; Eph 1:7; 2:13; Col 1:20; Heb 9:11-14, 19; 13:12, 20; 1Pet 1:2, 19; 1Jn 1:7; Rev 5:9; 7:14; 12:11) Jesus' shed blood is not only mentioned but emphasised.

& Habermas, G.R., 1990, "The Shroud and the Controversy," Thomas Nelson: Nashville TN, pp.34-35, 84-85; Petrosillo, O.

Borkan, 1995, p.40. [return]71. & Habermas, 1981, p.128.

There is no evidence that five centuries ago the Shroud's image was vivid and the blood looked fresh, as the extreme anti-authenticist, Thurston, claimed.

Archbishop of Turin Cesare Nosiglia said he has received thousands of messages from the elderly, adults and young people, healthy and sick, asking him at this time of grave difficulty and during Holy Week to be allowed to pray in front of the shroud. Shroud Scope: Durante 2002: Horizontal: Major bloodstains overlay. For one thing, only fresh blood is red.

[return]. A medieval forger in France, working from the Bible, would not likely have known that the rock that Joseph of Arimathea's Jerusalem tomb was cut out of was limestone[65]. Besides workshops and exchanges, there will also be time for contemplation on the Shroud. And I am not alone in this - see this criticism which I fully agree with. Morgan, 1980, p.108; Iannone, 1998, pp.70, 180; Oxley, 2010, p.170. Bennett, 2001, p.124; de Wesselow, 2012, p.124. [return]2. Vitr.

A man that millions believe to be Jesus of Nazareth. Iannone, 1998, pp.67-68; Antonacci, 2000, p.28; Wilson. [return]26. Jesus' cross had to be carried for him, suggesting He fell under its weight.

The Bible and the Shroud #33: The evidence is over... My reply to Dr Karl Kruszelnicki's, "Evidence snub... Chronology of the Turin Shroud: AD 30 to the present.
Second, this shows why Kruszelnicki set up his second strawman above, claiming that the issue was "brushstrokes" when really it is directionality. Antonacci, 2000, p.37. [return]93.



Gove, H.E., 1996, "Relic, Icon or Hoax?

Does this prove that the image appeared there only by a miracle?

[return]12. Hynek, R.W., 1951, "The True Likeness," [1946], Sheed & Ward: London, p.5; Wuenschel, E.A., 1954, "Self-Portrait of Christ: The Holy Shroud of Turin," Holy Shroud Guild: Esopus NY, Third printing, 1961, p.55; Robinson, J.A.T., "The Shroud and the New Testament," in Jennings, P., ed., 1978, "Face to Face with the Turin Shroud ," Mayhew-McCrimmon: Great Wakering UK, pp.69-81, 78; Heller, J.H. Antonacci, 2000, p.38; de Wesselow, 2012, p.136. [return]65.

Researchers in Italy reported in 2017 that the shroud bore traces of blood, likely from a torture victim. Let alone as a photographic negative [22Dec16], three-dimensional [05Feb17] and with x-rays of Jesus' teeth and bones [20Apr17a], etc!

This is another strawman by Kruszelnicki (see above). Wilson. [return]19.

Vitr. 1, December, pp.4-24, 6-7; Adams, 1982, p.81; Meacham, W., 1983, "The Authentication of the Turin Shroud: An Issue in Archaeological Epistemology," Current Anthropology, Vol.

[return]95. Borkan, 1995, p.25; Iannone, 1998, p.55; Ruffin, 1999, p.19; Antonacci, 2000, p.33; de Wesselow, 2012, pp.123-124. Shroud sceptics claim that this is a big problem for the Shroud's authenticity[30].

[return]68. no.

There is objective (true whether it is believed or not), historical evidence that what can only be the Shroud was in Constantinople in at least 1201! [return]110. [return]51. But if he did, the forger might have dusted the underside of the Shroud with local limestone, which presumably was ordinary calcite. [see 22Mar13].]. Wilson.

Wilson, 1998, p.202. Barnes, 1934, p.50; Stevenson & Habermas, 1981, p.123; Scavone, 1989, p.68; Iannone, 1998, p.75; Wilson, 1998, p.263; Ruffin, 1999, p.44; Antonacci, 2000, p.117; Tribbe, 2006, p.64; Oxley, 2010, p.168. [return]30.

24, No.

[Right (enlarge)[47]: The Shroudman's hands.

There are blood flows as from nail wounds in the wrists and at the feet.

Wilson, 1986, p.44; Antonacci, 2000, pp.32-33. The Shroud is consistent with the Bible #34, The Shroud man is consistent with being Jesus #35, The Shroud man and Jesus were scourged #37, The Shroud man and Jesus were crowned with thorns #38, The Shroud man and Jesus carried a cross #39, The Shroud man and Jesus were stripped naked #40, The Shroud man and Jesus' legs were not broken #41, The Shroud man and Jesus were speared in the side #42, The Shroud man and Jesus were crucified #43, The Shroud man and Jesus died on a cross #44, The Shroud man and Jesus were wrapped in a linen shroud #45, The Shroud man and Jesus were buried in a tomb #46. But today the image on the shroud is so faded as to be almost invisible. [return]71. [return]60.

[return]83. The bilirubin which is yellow-orange colour then mixes with albumin which is also a yellowish orange color, and methemoglobin which is orangey-brown and becomes blood with a red color[29]. Not only does Vikan provide no evidence that Ceccarelli forged the Shroud, he had already died in Italy in 1347, the year the Black Death began in France[10]!

14, pp. Craig & Bresee, 1994. [Above (enlarge): "Surrender of the Mandylion [the `Image of Edessa] to the Byzantines"[11]]. Piczek, 1994, p.17.

But there are several good reasons why the image of Jesus on the Shroud is not mentioned in the New Testament [see 15Aug20]. His words are bold to distinguish them from mine. So I have removed the "Editorial and News" from the title. "Pointillism," Wikipedia, 21 August 2020. [return]41. Image courtesy of Creative [sic Wikimedia] Commons August 11, 2020" - article.].

[See Wikipedia]. 3, June, pp.283-311, 287; Borkan, 1995, p.25. Weaver, 1980, p.740; Stevenson & Habermas, 1981, p.123; Borkan, 1995, p.24; Iannone, 1998, p.58; Antonacci, 2000, pp.22, 120; Guerrera, 2001, p.39. 9, Shroud News, 18th September, pp.3-7, 7; Schwalbe, L.A. & Rogers, R.N., 1982, "Physics and Chemistry of the Shroud of Turin: Summary of the 1978 Investigation," Reprinted from Analytica Chimica Acta, Vol.

Thus, next time it is expected to be on display in 2020.


Jackson, et. [return]42. Kruszelnicki dishonestly set up a strawman and then refuted that: Walter McCrone is a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, and has testified in court on forensic cases. [return]3. [return]85. Wilson, I., 2010, "The Shroud: The 2000-Year-Old Mystery Solved," Bantam Press: London, p.107. Thank you! & Schwortz, 2000, pp.122-123.

This was absolutely amazing, if it was unique to the shroud of Turin.

[return]3. Nosiglia said the shroud will be displayed Saturday at 11 a.m. Eastern Time. Nope, there are many ways to get an image without brushstroke.

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