Both the novella and movie versions of The Mist are excellent, but they radically differ when it comes to the ending. Although The Mist’s finale just barely redeems its first season, the story ends on an exciting note.

Rather than dwelling on their own personal dramas, they’re ready to address the true cause of the mist. Clearly, it was a success. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Kimi does attempt to come to their aid and gets up on the fountain attempting a speech to appeal to the mob and away then from death sentencing people, but she dies doing the right thing when security guard Kyle shoots her with the gun Eve dropped after shooting him in the last episode. The constant "what ifs" and "whys" that both entertained and horrified us worked like the monster's ginormous tentacles: latching onto us and refusing to let go. Before riding for safety into the Mist consumed sunset, Kevin rolls the dice and lands a d20 on revenge. Gasp.

Well damn, Stephen. It provided two sides of satisfying justice we’ve waited all season to see, but also killed off a few good characters while letting others slip by unharmed in situations they should’ve died in.

If you were to watch the final scene on mute, it wouldn't be nearly as emotional. We are curious to see how the writers would continue with our group and would love more explanation on Arrowhead and Jonah’s involvement, but a second season would be nothing like the first and we don’t know that the writing could transition properly into open world where petty dramas wouldn’t matter. This conclusion is open-ended, but it's a 1,000% more positive way to end the story, compared to director/screenwriter Frank Darabont's ending. The four take off for the car until Alex gets caught up in the Mist. With the mall mob at the end of their rations and fully convinces no hope is coming, they finally fully turn on Eve and Alex. Would I have been selfish and killed myself, knowingly leaving one of the people to battle out the monsters on his or her own? Except, no monsters come.

Let’s start with the most storyline we’ve wanted resolved since episode one that went out in a fizzle: After being captured by our military friend in the mall in the ninth episode and the awkward, “Sir,” reveal last episode we get an exit for Jonah’s storyline without a proper explanation. Everything delays just long enough for Kevin to reach the mob and reunite with his family. Maybe we’ll get a graphic novel just following Arrowhead, but we aren’t holding our breath and the series will likely fade into obscurity with the rest of summer tv. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. And what caused the knife to twist into your emotions even more was seeing the woman (Melissa McBride) from the beginning of the movie alive and safe with her children. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The meaningful part of The Mist comes from the ways people falsely perceive each other, and hurt themselves in the process. It was one of the sadder deaths this episode, as she was one of the few characters who was keeping her morale compass calibrated this season. If I did spare everyone else the gruesome fate of waiting for death, what would I do with my last moments on Earth, presumably all alone in the entire world? We learn he was involved in Project Arrowhead and the doctor he thought he remembered being tortured by actually saved him through the experiments. Darabont had an artistic vision that would play on the empathy of an audience, and he did it masterfully. MTV AND ALL RELATED TITLES AND LOGOS ARE TRADEMARKS OF VIACOM INTERNATIONAL INC, Why You’re Still Not Over The Ending Of ‘The Mist’ 8 Years Later.

By making the theories convincing — or at least omitting any ideas that would contradict them — the writers implicate the viewers in the characters’ self-absorbed groupthink, and ask “Would you do any better in this scenario?” The show heads far afield, but it ultimately honors Stephen King’s original ideas about mobs and fear, even as it omits his giant insects and tentacle-beasts. Messing with the car's radio, David thinks he hears a faint word, meaning there are other survivors out there; there is hope. Learn how your comment data is processed. The characters are largely id-driven animals, struggling to survive, and betraying each other in the process. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies.

Viewership for the premiere started a little over the 0.6 million mark, but the series wasn’t even able to hold 0.5 million viewers hostage for the finale. Honestly, a movie hadn't ever affected me in that manner before.

The scripts devote plenty of time to character development, but it’s never been the show’s strength, because most of these characters act in mean and vicious ways, controlled by fear and selfishness. He then steps out of the car, demanding the monsters take him. Based on the 1984 novella by Stephen King, "The Mist" raked in over $25 million domestically, and over $57 million worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo. Two hours and six minutes later, we all just sat there in the dark, numb. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Was the twist shocking?

newsletter. The television series adapts Stephen King’s 1980 novella very differently than Frank Darabont’s 2007 film adaptation. From that point, every act of human cruelty against him just seems like excessive violence. On the 25th, Netflix released the series for … but in a  shocking turn an almost likable Connor helps get the vehicle unstuck and escapes with our crew.

(A Netflix spokesman said the company doesn’t provide “comprehensive lists of which shows are available in which countries,” so viewers outside the U.S. will have to check their local account to see if it’s there.) In The Mist, it’s rare for anyone to act out of kindness or courage.

Armed with a small handgun with only four bullets, David Drayton (Thomas Jane) makes the ultimate sacrifice: He uses the bullets to kill his young son (Nathan Gamble) and the other three adults in his car, thus sparing them an even worse death. While the film goes in a decidedly dark direction, King's novella is … If you haven't seen the movie, stop what you're doing and watch it right now, because major spoilers are about to happen. Unfortunately, no one saves Jay, but Mia brings the car [and Vic] to save the Copelands. One theory blames the soldiers from the mysterious Arrowhead project. Or would I stay in the car, surrounded by the people I just killed, counting down the minutes I presumably had left to live? The Mist finale has come and gone and everything points to the writers wanting a season 2, but at this point we can’t see that happening. Spoilers ahead for season one of The Mist. Surrounded by the mist, it's obvious there is no escape. Viewership aside, we have split feelings on the finale. I remember almost getting up to punch my friend's TV screen, I was so mad.

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