Later, the old TV starts to work and it tells Jess to eat the burnt skin of Tyler. Markie is right there and storms out. Calax takes over, and he dies by stabbing his own eye with a pen. Her dare is to walk drunk on the roof. ALSO READ | 'Had Pleasant Experience As Governor Of Goa': Satya Pal Malik After Transfer To Meghalaya. One by one they all start to die. Now, in the present day, the group realises that they cannot cheat death or the spirit that haunts them and that they have to play the game with utter sincerity. Blumhouse has found a great deal of success in recent years with different takes on the horror genre. Penelope picks dare and is asked to kiss Olivia, and she does. Olivia and Markie leave. She blurts out that Markie always cheats on Lucas. But since we are here only to explain out the plot, let’s get to that. Olivia is mildly upset. Oh you pretty little liar. We aren’t shown this, but Giselle gets her turn and is asked to kill Olivia. The initial rules of the game are established early on in the movie, with Carter (Landon Liboiron) explaining them to Olivia: You tell the truth or you die, you do the dare or you die, refuse to play and you die. They read up about the church and find out about the dead pastor and the one nun who is still alive. He is forced by the spirit to do this dare. The head back. Little does he know that it doesn’t work that way. Decades later, Sam, Giselle, and a group of friends decide to hang out in the church and knock stuff around. Alex gets her final dare and is told to kill Maddie. It is entirely possible that both of them have survived and the game will continue.

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