Telephone: 828-227-7398 or 800-369-9854. This requirement will Knowing what high school and college courses a first-year applicant is taking or has registration purposes. The online application provides information about electronic submission of the application In addition to the admission requirements listed above, international applicants have additional requirements and deadlines to meet. Application Portal: OUAC website. They can be taken for up to one full year (three terms). Your application to WCU begins with a strong academic record. Any graduate student, who takes a Leave of Absence and is inactive for three or more consecutive terms, including summer, must reapply online at and pay the reapplication fee to be considered for reinstatement as an active student. The Office of Admission is responsible for making admission decisions pertaining to Students whose enrollment is terminated for academic reasons should consult the description of the procedures outlined in the “Academic Dismissal Policy” section of this catalog. Exceptions to the language proficiency requirement can be found in the Graduate Catalog. An official, final transcript is required of any first-year applicant as recent work, particularly in college-preparatory courses. Some programs have an earlier application deadline than the Graduate School. Some programs allow non-degree students to take one or more graduate courses for self-improvement or exploration of graduate degree program offerings. Language Proficiency: Official scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the academic version of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) are required for applicants from countries where English is not the primary language. We particularly look The Office of International Programs and Services may contact the applicant to obtain additional documentation. After the file is complete, the student will be considered for Regular Admission. In the most recent statistical year 19,344 prospective students applied, and 7,672 were granted admission. soon as the applicant completes high school (or its equivalent). Certain programs may require specific degrees or coursework as a requirement for admission (see Program Specific Admission Requirements for individual programs). become a part of the applicant’s record and are considered in the review process. the junior year and once in the fall of the senior year) and may consider taking both In addition to the stated objective criteria described in the application procedure (e.g., letters of recommendation, official test scores, official transcripts, etc. One year after Western Carolina University’s spring semester enrollment topped 10,000 for the first time, the head count for spring has set yet another seasonal high mark, with a total of 10,229 students on the university rolls. First-year students who have attempted college courses (i.e., early college or other dual-enrollment students) should request an official transcript at the point request, and the number of waivers that already have been approved for the term in Deferral requests must be submitted in writing to the Graduate School. Students with a complete application file, who meet the established requirements for admission to the Graduate School and their degree programs, are granted Regular Admission. year strengthens an applicant’s record. information), Performance in honors, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or other competitive you are having a copy sent directly to the Graduate School at. ), the Dean of Graduate School and Research reserves the right to determine, from appropriate information, whether an applicant will be a suitable candidate for graduate studies. attended more than one high school, an official transcript is required only from the var year = currentTime.getFullYear() If a student is conditionally admitted, one or more of the following conditions may apply: Must earn a GPA of 3.0 during the first term of enrollment, Must submit required letters of recommendation, Must submit an official, final transcript showing a conferred bachelor’s degree. Once the new application has been submitted, it will be reviewed under standard admissions processes. admission requirements and contact us with questions. DO NOT send transcripts to the Graduate School. Certain programs may require specific degrees or DO NOT upload photographs or screenshots. 828.227.7211 An applicant may be required to take additional coursework as either co-requisites or pre-requisites to strengthen or supplement the undergraduate background. to perform at a competitive level at WCU. If you do not have a copy, please upload a statement indicating that WCU transcripts are not required. transcript. Western Carolina University officially launched the public phase of its comprehensive fundraising campaign Thursday, March 1, by announcing a minimum goal of $60 million. © Copyright Upload one transcript from each college/university attended to the online application. This, Any graduate of a WCU graduate degree program who wishes to pursue additional graduate course work or another graduate degree at WCU must apply to the Graduate School for that program or course work. It is expected that international applicants will not begin graduate study until the admission process is completed. of application showing any completed work and final college transcripts once all work The admission process is similar for both the international and domestic applicants; however there are some additional requirements to be met by the international applicants. After submission of the application, the applicant may request a refund of the application fee by contacting the Graduate School via email at Non-degree graduate students who wish to be considered for admission into a graduate degree program may do so by following the instructions noted in the Program Change section. successfully completed or exceeded Minimum Course Requirements (MCR) in the senior Credit cannot be granted from course grades. Please familiarize yourself with any additional requirements of your program prior to completing the online application. At WCU, we welcome students with diverse educational backgrounds. remaining is beneficial in the application review, advising and registration processes. be submitted to the Graduate School directly from an approved third-party transcript Programs may require course-level transcript evaluation for admission and/or An application is not considered complete for review until all required materials are received by the Graduate School. written explanation in regard to information received. Regular Admission. is required on the TOEFL. Scanned copies of transcripts in PDF format. All applications should be submitted online ( and inquiries should be addressed to or: Graduate School and Research

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